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Mission 3 - Eliminating the Wolves

Base map
Start date: 1072


No difficulty choice
Eradicate the Wolves

Construct a Motte and Bailey fortification and strengthen it with some towers. Then start bow production and raise a force of archers with which to eradicate the wolves that run riot here.


50 wood
45 meat
500 gold

No trade options are available in this mission


This one's a little more challenging and, depending on where you build you castle, it can actually be over before you realise what hits you. I placed the Hall on the hill, as it should for a real motte and bailey type castle. However, if you place it, or its attending buildings, too close to to the wolves, they'll be all over you and your peasants, quickly reducing them to wolf's lunch. A pack of them can actually kill your Lord, so be careful.

I built three woodcutters and two hunters and then started working on the castle itself.
You need to enclose a space that will fit the barracks and armoury as well as a fletcher or two. Once enclosed (and with a gatehouse so your people can exit the fort) you can build wooden towers and start shooting at the wolves from there.

Round about two years into the game a small group of the Rat's men pay you a visit, so be prepared.

I ended up with 12 archers, a bit of overkill, but it upped my score a little as I lost one of them when the wolves found a breach in my walls. Once all the wolves are killed the scenario ends.

Finished map
My Score: 14,300

Download this finished map

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