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Mission 4 - Hidden Lookout

Base map
Start date: 1079


All difficulty choices
Eliminate all enemy units
Timed mission

Find a suitable location on high ground near the lands belonging to Duc De Puce and start constructing an outpost. The wooden keep will offer better protection than a simple hall. Take some cattle to breed as the land there suits them well. Do not show yourself to the enemy, but should you be discovered let none escape to tell. The hills will give your archers an advantage when firing from height.


50 wood
45 meat
300 gold

No trade options are available in this mission


This is the first 'real' mission in the campaign; the first mission where you can set the difficulty. I played at Normal difficulty.

Build your castle on the heights at the far end of the map, place the keep close to the edge and you'll get another bit of added height for your archers. I found a spot where I only had to block off a relatively little amount of hill and started with woodcutters, some military structures and a dairy farm or two. From there I started expanding my walls to wall off the entire corner of the map.

The first attack by the Rat's spearmen will happen some two years in the game so be prepared to have a half dozen or more archers ready by that time. After defeating them you'll get another attack about once a year until the fifth when some of your enemy troops will escape and warn the Rat. This event will end the mission.

I ended up with some 22 archers who annihilated every group of attacking spearmen they faced. There was a momentary scare when I found out that there was a path for the enemy to take across the rocks deep in my territory, but most of them died before they even got close.

Some five farms gave me more than enough food and three fletchers gave me a good supply of bows. I did add another hovel, but could have done without one, if I'd been more patient for new soldiers to get up from the campfire.

Finished map
My Score: 15,000

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