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Mission 5 - Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Base map
Start date: 1079


All difficulty choices
Eliminate all enemy units
Timed mission

Your scouts report that you are trapped without enough supplies to continue or enough troops to fight your way back. They have found a strong defensive position on an island in a broad river and one of your lieutenants has already started building a base. The land around the river is very fertile, use it to grow some wheat.


96 wood
90 bread
400 gold
4 archers

No trade options are available in this mission


This mission is going to give you some interesting challenges such as varied terrain, larger attacking forces and your first encounter with siege engines. Or more precisely the Rat's siege engines.

I built my keep on the side of the island that is closest to the signpost, as this will give my archers the advantage of height. After that I placed several woodcutters and two wheat farms. Most of the rest of the wood I used to construct 3 wooden gates at the far side of the fords. As soon as more wood became available I built an armoury, a fletcher and a barracks, followed by a mill and a bakery. After that it was a matter of training archers.

Early in the second year a medium sized force of the Rat, consisting of archers and spearmen, will attack you. By this time I had about a dozen archers manning my gatehouses and easily beat back the attack. The only casualty was a woodcutter and his hut which was built outside my fortress.

I added some more bakers to get a steady food supply and two more fletchers to get the bow production up to speed. A hovel was added to get enough people to train quickly as archers. I also built a wall at the back of the island with wooden platforms to accommodate more archers.

Some two years after the first attack a second, large force arrives. With enough bowmen this one can be beaten off fairly easily. Most of the spearmen died before they even touched the walls.

I spent some more time getting food production up, raised taxes to 2 and set rations to one and a half, which resulted in a steady income, but no loss of favour. The money was used to train even more archers.

The third attack arrives another two years on and consists of a large force of spearmen and archers. This time they are accompanied by a couple of catapults that made short work of my central gatehouse. I didn't have time to have the archers retreat to the keep and lost a few of them in hand-to-hand combat with the Rat's archers. However, the large numbers of arrows fired by my troops, (I ended up with 29 surviving archers), soon had the enemy running back to its master once more. The Rat was not amused.

Finished map
My Score: 13,300

At the end of the mission, Lord Woolsack will give you a scolding as it was his idea for you to wait a while longer before you encountered the Rat and gave away the secret of your existence.

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