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Mission 6 - The Rat's Proposal

Base map
Start date: 1104


All difficulty choices
Negotiations With the Rat

From Lord Woolsack: Pitch a small camp in an open clearing then await Duc de Puce's arrival. Do not bring arms to bear upon him for any reason. To secure our lands these talks must succeed.


8 bows
8 archers

No trade options are available in this mission


There's not a lot you can do in the first part of this mission other than watch your little group of scouts get slaughtered by the Rat's troops. After this has happened you will get a revised briefing from Sir Longarm.

Start date: August 1104


All difficulty choices
Eliminate all Enemy Units

From Sir Longarm: A trap. Our advance party was mown down like animals. Now I will give you some new orders. Build a large fortification and prepare yourself for Duc de Puce's arrival. Use the masons I sent with you to quarry stone and build a strong and permanent castle here.


100 wood
75 stone
50 meat
300 gold
8 bows

No trade options are available in this mission


I selected a spot close to the stone pile so as to have a short way between my keep and the quarries. This place was also at a fair distance from the three sign posts that mark the invasion entry points. Additionally it makes it possible to wall off a corner of the map, as can be seen on the finished game minimap.
Next I placed a few woodcutters, including one up on the bluff, a quarry and a couple of hunters to get my food production going. The next things to be built were the barracks and armoury so I could train 8 archers.
Once this was done I wrapped a curtain wall around the whole emplacement and added a gatehouse.
By now the quarry was producing stone and I added an ox tether to carry the stone back to my stock pile. The next loads of wood were used to build a wheat and a dairy farm each and a fletcher close to the stock pile.

The next year I added a hovel, another ox tether and second fletcher. By now the wheat was ripening and I added a windmill.

Three bakeries were next together with a third fletcher, another quarry and a second hovel. I used the quarried stone to add crenelations to the walls. A cow plague strikes and I raise a low tax to get enough money for a bunch of additional archers.

In the fourth year I construct a stone 'tower' on the bluff and man it with a handful of archers. Next I add an inner layer to the walls making them 3 layers in total and more cows die.
The Rat issues a warning that he will attack soon.
This attack dies well before the doorstep and the siege engines he's brought with him are not even used.

I spent the next year creating a bailey (a double gate) so I have a better cover for the walls on either side. A second attack comes but this too is beaten before much damage is taken.

The damaged walls are repaired and more oxen are added, as is a fourth fletcher.
Soon a large force of the Rat's troops is attacking once more, this time with many ladder bearing troops. However, the archers in the bailey take care of most of those.

During the seventh year I face the final attack of the Rat's troops with 37 archers. An even larger force than before attacks, but once more the siege engines fail to deploy and the archers are shooting laddermen like they were ducks in a barrel.
At one stage the wall is taken at its far end, but the losses are so severe, the enemy flees before they reach the keep.

Finished map
Troop losses: 5%
My Score: 14,500

In an earlier take on this scenario siege weapons were brought to bear during each attack. These caused several walls to be breached and eventually caused my defeat as the walls and keep were swarmed by enemy spearmen.
It is unclear why they were never used in my second try.

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