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Custom Economic Mission 2 - Blessing the Peasants

Base map

Start date: January 1350


Achieve population of 50
Blessed 90%
FearFactor of Pleasant 3
Achieve population of 100
Blessed 90%
FearFactor of Pleasant 3
Achieve population of 150
Blessed 90%
FearFactor of Pleasant 3
Very Hard
Achieve population of 200
Blessed 90%
FearFactor of Pleasant 3

To confirm your status as the most pious of the king's lords you need to ensure that every single one of your serfs attends church.


95 wood
10 stone
65 meat


The main challenge in this mission is to get the required religious coverage. This will take many many chapels and at least one church at most difficulty levels. You will need stone and gold to build them. You will need to trade and/or tax to get the gold.

Religious coverage is determined by the number of people that have a priest pass them. Placing chapels/churches/cathedrals near where large numbers of people are likely to be passing helps to get the coverage higher. Priests from a chapel give the same coverage as one from a church or cathedral, but to get full Religious Popularity points you will need a church as your population gets larger, and a Cathedral for high population towns.

Building good things will get your Fear Factor up to the required level, but be careful, when your city gets really pleasant your peasants don't work as hard.

Once the objectives are met a timer starts, you must then play for years without falling below the objectives to get the Victory screen. If you fall below the objectives the timer will restart when you achieve them again.

During the mission you have to contend with plague, thieves stealing your food and wheat pestilence.

Finished map
My Score: -

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