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The Saviour of Léugìm Community Campaign

The Saviour of Léugìm Community Campaign

Download Mission 8: Ithélâ’s Challenge

You play again as Gregory in this mission. You have escaped the Monument Valley alive after fighting off enemy troops whilst protecting faithful Pilgrims. After travelling the treacherous route of Gragria, you reach the fortress of Ithélâ the Ice god. Gregory briefly addresses his situation to the god and is set a challenge:

“But I will give you one chance. I will provide you siege equipment, soldiers, and archers, every kind of soldier the human race knows, and give you a chance of besieging my castle. You have to prove yourself worthy of my consent. You only have one try. If you fail, you will have to leave empty-handed.”

…Read more in the Mission 8 Thread.

Read the Main Campaign Thread for more information.

Our (late) Christmas present to the community is this icy map. Thank you for your continuing support and feedback.

We wish all you Lords and Ladies of Stronghold Heaven a Happy and Prosperous new year!

Merry Christmas

Another year has sped by and we find ourselves at the end of it. We hope you are able to enjoy the holidays with family and friends, and if you have traveled far, a safe return. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

A New Community Site

A new Stronghold site, Stronghold Battleground, has sprung up. Its focus is on multiplayer matches and fusing Hamachi Net, a free Private Virtual Network software application, which allows players to work around problematic network settings. You can view the new forum here.

Castle of the Week 124 – Cape Kaliakra

Kaliakra Walls

Kaliakra is one of the most breathtaking places along the Bulgarian shore. Stretching more that two kilometers into the Black sea, it’s known as the longest cape in the Balkan Peninsula. The word Kaliakra comes from the Greek word “καλός” (beautiful) and “άκρα” (fortress). Located 72km north of Varna and just 12 km from Kavarna, the area is close to a railroad and airways. Now largely protected, the Kaliakra area hosts a unique blend of dramatic cliffs, unpolluted crystal waters and rolling countryside. The area is famous for its dolphins and sea bird nesting sites, both of which are attracted to its secluded, undeveloped location.

Read more here. Thanks to Morbid Angel!

Fantasy Competion Results page finally updated..

Well, it took me far longer than I originally anticipated, but the results from the Stronghold & Crusader Fantasy Competition are now available to view. Each entrant has a dedicated page with minimap, screenshot and link to download the scenario, including a synopsis of the comments and thoughts of the Judges. I’d like to thank all those involved for your patience and forebearing.

Please join me and support these wonderful scenarios by downloading and leaving helpful reviews and comments for our designers.

The Competition Thread and a link to the relevant pages can be found here.

The Saviour of Léugìm Community Campaign

The Saviour of Léugìm Community Campaign

Download Mission 7: The City of Columbar

You play as Charles, Scout Squad Leader and Emissary for Gregory. Your mission is to persuade Lord Edward of Columbar to resume trade and provide weapons for the campaign against the evil Lord Dayon. But beware. You and Gregory are not the only ones who realise the strategic importance of The City of Columbar…

…Read more in the Mission 7 Thread.

Read the Main Campaign Thread for more information.

We hope you enjoy this, you are in for a unique gaming experience! On behalf of the team, thanks for all your support so far and we look forward to your feedback on our maps.

New Job Openings at HeavenGames!

With all of the changes at HeavenGames, several have opened up! A job at HeavenGames has great benefits in addition to the resume-building experience it offers, including:

  • Assistance in job/internship placement in the gaming industry.
  • Possible credit for those in university.
  • Personal websites (clouds) for all staff at no charge.
  • Possible access to game alphas/betas.

The current job openings are:

  • Marketing/PR Department Head
  • Art Department Head
  • Graphics Designer
  • Website Designer
  • Programmer
  • HG Main News Editor

There are also positions open in the Business Development department. Here is a short explanation of duties.

General Responsibilities: Working as a group to establish a relationship with other businesses for the benefit of HeavenGames. Projects generally formed around bundling, sponsorship, and developer exclusive opportunities.

Day to Day Duties: Working with the seraphs to get developer exclusives and improving each site with developer material, as well as sponsorships for events and contests. Also working on big projects such as product bundling, beta test hosting, etc.

Head to the the help wanted page for detailed job descriptions and please contact the CEO at if you’re interested in any of these positions!

New trailer from AZ ViTrAzhAs

AZ ViTrAzhAs has a new trailer available to showcase his forthcoming Crusader map, Father’s Sins, Chapter 2: Jack Wolverine. With the map to follow in a few weeks’ time, this may whet your appetite!

Download his trailer here.

Today in History

On this day in 1282, Llywelyn ap Gruffydd, the last prince of an independent Wales, was killed after he became separated from his forces near Cilmeri close to Builth Wells. Late in his reign, Llywelyn had lost Wales to Edward I of England who took advantage of the internal strife between Llywelyn’s brothers and the desire of Wale’s lesser princes for peace with England. In early 1282, Dafydd ap Gruffydd, Llywelyn’s younger brother, attacked Hawarden Castle and Rhuddlan Castle spreading revolt across Wales. Edward I offered Llywelyn a large estate in England if he would surrender Wales and send Dafydd on a Crusade never to return without Edward I’s permission. Llywelyn sent an emotional reply wherein he declared his allegiance to his countrymen. He joined the rebellion and moved his forces from Gwynedd south to rally support in mid and south Wales where he was killed. The circumstances of his death are mysterious, but it is agreed that Llywelyn was tricked into leaving the bulk of his army and was then attacked. Llywelyn’s head was sent to Kind Edward I at Rhuddlan who sent it to London, where it was displayed at the city pillory crowned with ivy for a day. Then the ivy crowned head was carried on the tip of a lance by a horseman to the Tower of London to be displayed over its gate. This fulfilled a Welsh prophecy that Llywelyn would ride, crowned, through the streets of London.

More can be read about Llywelyn the Last here.

The Saviour of Léugìm Community Campaign

The Saviour of Léugìm Community Campaign

Download Mission 6: The Pilgrims’ Progress

While Almaya, the wizard leads the desperate defence at Mountain’s Fist, you, Gregory, are on your way to talk with the Ice God. Long before you get there you come upon a group of pilgrims who are on a pilgrimage to the nearby Monument Valley. You offer them your protection. You must escort them on their devotions around the Monument and it’s satellite shrines. You must see them safely out of the valley again on the completion of their pilgrimage. You have no economy to worry about, no buildings or keep to guard. You are sworn to protect only the lives of the pilgrims and nothing else. The pilgrims fear that Lord Daynon’s evil forces lie in wait for them…

…more can be read in the Mission 6 Thread.

Read the Main Campaign Thread for more information.

We hope you enjoy this, you are in for a unique gaming experience! On behalf of the team, thanks for all your support so far and we look forward to your feedback on our maps.

Multiple Market Places!

Surajsubba has discovered a wonderful new trick that allows multiple market places to be placed in your scenarios. Furthermore, this doesn’t involve using different ‘colours’ from the editor!

Want to see some screenshots and a step-by-step guide on how to do this? Read this thread for more info.

The Saviour of Léugìm Community Campaign

The Saviour of Léugìm Community Campaign

Download Mission 5: Mountain’s Fist

In the face of Lord Dayon’s evil onslaught, it is to Mountain’s Fist that the Kingdom’s people have retreated. You play as Almaya the Wizard, sent to lead the defense at the Kingdom’s stronghold while Gregory journeys to speak with the Ice God, Ithélâ. If Mountain’s Fist falls it will mean the end for Léugìm. There are no choices. Your back is to the Sgor Mountains. Lord Dayon’s hordes are before you. There is no escape. You must hold out. And Lord Dayon must cast his vast army against the walls of Mountain’s Fist…

…more can be read in the Mission 5 Thread.

Read the Main Campaign Thread for more information.

I hope you enjoy this! On behalf of the team, thanks for all your support so far and we look forward to your feedback on our maps.

HG Podcast Pilot

Elpea from Halo Wars Heaven and Atzy from World in Conflict Heaven have put together a Heaven Game Podcast pilot with guest star Cheesewiz (Seraph of WiCH) that you can listen to here. Be sure leave comments and suggestions for improvement here.

Podcast Outline:

  • What is World in Conflict?
  • What’s going on at World in Conflict Heaven right now
  • Multiplayer in World in Conflict
  • Age of Empires III Mobile – Impressions
  • RTSs on Consoles
  • Halo Wars
  • Age of Empires’ 10th anniversary contest
  • Age of Empires in our lives

Today in History

In 1177, Saladin with a force estimated to be 30,000 men launched an attack from Egypt with the intent of conquering the Crusader states. King Baldwin IV, the Leper King, left Jerusalem with 375 knights to establish a forward defense at Ascalon. He was joined by Raynald of Châtillon, Odo de St. Amand (Master of the Knights Templar), Baldwin and Balian of Ibelin, Reginald of Sidon, and Joscelin III of Edessa to amass a force of several thousand infantry. Saladin sent a detachment of men to guard King Baldwin’s movements, but he did not expect any aggressive hostility from King Baldwin, since the king’s force was outnumbered several times over.

Saladin continued marching towards Jerusalem and captured Ramla, Lod, and Arsuf. This caused his forces to spread out. Meanwhile, the Crusaders managed to move out of Ascalon along the sea in an attempt to intercept Saladin before he reached Jerusalem and surprised Saladin at Montgisard. Saladin raced to reconcentrate his forces, but many of his men had not properly rested since departing Egypt and were ladened with loot. The Crusaders broke through his center line and routed his forces. Saladin was pursued until nightfall by Crusaders and suffered attacks by Bedouins on his way home.

The Crusaders suffered 1100 dead men and 750 wounded. Saladin’s losses are not as well recorded, but it is estimated that he only returned home with 10% of his forces. While Montgisard proved a dramatic victory for the Crusaders, it was the last of their successes. Over the next ten years, Saladin would renew his efforts to take Jerusalem, finally succeeding in 1187.

You can read more about the Battle of Montgisard here and here.

Poll Round-Up!

In our last poll, we asked: Why do you still play Stronghold 1?

For the game music. [94 votes – 6.0%]
To play with the Lord of the Rings mod. [98 votes – 6.2%]
For the editor! [7.0% – 110 votes]
For the multiplayer aspect. [73 votes – 4.6%]
The custom maps! [134 votes – 8.5%]
For the single player missions. [287 votes – 18.3%]
Can I choose more than one? [534 votes – 34.0%]
I don’t… [242 votes – 15.4%]

Stronghold 1 is too good to stop playing for several reasons, but the the editor, custom maps, and single player missions remain favorites! The next poll is about the Stronghold series game music.

You can see all previous poll results here and suggest ideas for new polls in this thread.

Today in History

According to Swiss legend, William Tell shot an apple off of his son’s head using his hunting crossbow and a single bolt in 1307. He was compelled to perform this deed, because he defied the Austrian overlord’s command to bow to his hat hung high on a pole. William Tell became a central figure in the rebellion that formed the Old Swiss Confederacy.

You can read more of Willam Tell in this Swiss History Article and here in this Wikipedia article.

The Saviour of Léugìm Community Campaign

The Saviour of Léugìm Community Campaign

Download Mission 4: The Lost Estate

In this mission you will play as a scout party. The small army has been sent out by the capitol to rally support and unite the people around Scoitcine (Lord Dayon will have an easy time attacking a segregated area). On arrival your presence is not wanted, the Lord having been isolated for years has grown independant but weak. You have already lost many men on the way there and you feel your trip has been in vain. As you decide to leave you hear battle noises. A messenger from the city agrees to become allied with the Kingdom if you help out so you defend the city. The weak Lord has escaped and it is up to you to bring the city back to it’s former glory and work fo r the greater good of the Kingdom.

…more can be read in the Mission 4 Thread.

Read the Main Campaign Thread for more information.

I hope you enjoy this! On behalf of the team, thanks for all your support so far and we look forward to your feedback on our maps.

A well deserved promotion: Lord Tanthos

Although this is a long overdue appointment, I am delighted to announce that Lord Tanthos has been promoted to Cherub to cover our two newer games, Stronghold 2 and Stronghold: Legends.

He has a huge task ahead of him, however i’m confident that his knowledge and skills is exactly what we need. Please allow our newest member to find his feet and learn how to flutter, and pass on your congratulations to him in this thread.

Congratulations, Lord Tanthos!

HeavenGames’ Staff System: A Revamp

Source: The HG Blog

So now that things have been settled with HG’s identity, it’s time to go on to the fun stuff: the staff system! Woo!

It’s been discussed in a previous blog post that HeavenGames doesn’t operate as efficiently as it could from a staff perspective. A lot of issues have already been dealt with in the past several months, but there are two substantial problems that must be taken care of. First, there is no effective way to ensure quality and consistency of work across all of our sites. Second, we do not have dedicated jobs in a number of support capacities, including marketing, sales, and the like.

Revamped Staff System
The owners have thus discussed the issue with the HeavenGames staff and have come up with the following system:

As you can see, HeavenGames will still be run fundamentally the same: the Exco – chaired by the CEO – makes all of the network-wide administrative decisions and Seraphs work under the Exco as site administrators. What will be added to the system will be a Seraph Liaison and Support Departments. First, the Seraph Liaison…(Read more!)

The Saviour of Léugìm Community Campaign

The Saviour of Léugìm Community Campaign

Download Mission 3: An Unlikely Saviour

Gregory’s forces have moved on, and they head toward the capitol in order to stave off the impending attack. As they arrive, what they witness shocks them. They watch in horror as the enemy rushes upon, nae, over and across the walls, annihilating the forces still clinging to the fortifications. Inside the walls forces are making their way toward the keep.

The keep is an island of resistance in a sea of enemies. Arrows still rain from the battlements, but it will not be enough. You hear a bugle call, and another force approaches in the distance to finish the job. You have your work cut out for you. Act quickly and with a fiery spirit. Not quite everyone will make it to the keep…

…Read more in the Mission 3 Thread.

Read the Main Campaign Thread for more information.

I Hope you enjoy this! On behalf of the team, thanks for all your support so far and we look forward to your feedback on our maps.

Poll Round-Up!

It seems that most players tactfully use bread the most with apples and combinations coming in behind. In our last poll we asked: What is your favorite food to use in-game?

Apples [936 votes = 19.6%]
Meat [404 votes = 8.5%]
Cheese [377 votes = 7.9%]
Bread [1645 votes = 34.4%]
I use a combination of those. [927 votes = 19.4%]
Nothing; the peasants starve! [491 votes = 10.3%]

Our new poll is about why you still play Stronghold 1.

You can see all previous poll results here and suggest ideas for new polls in this thread.

The Saviour of Léugìm Community Campaign; Map 2

The Saviour of Léugìm Community Campaign

Download Mission 2: Bealaigh Hill, The Ambush

In this mission you will play again as Gregory, the main character in the campaign. Gregory has just escaped from his hometown of Mardonton after a bloody siege. He decides to travel to the Capital and rally some support on the way. He and his remaining army arrive at Cyrska and spend the night with the rowdy locals. Early next morning they set off on their way to the Capital, as they pass Bealaigh Hill a weary messenger approaches from the Eastern Road…

Read more in the Mission 2 Thread. More information can be found in the Main Campaign Thread.

I hope you enjoy this! On behalf of the team, thanks for all your support so far and we look forward to your feedback on our maps.

Kingdom of Heaven Mod

tanguezo, from the fansite Stronghold French Heaven, has announced their first version of the Kingdom of Heaven mod for Stronghold Crusader. It includes custom music, messages, screens, and a map campaign that follows that of the film. You can read more about it here.

HeavenGames: A New Identity

Source: The HG Blog

After considerable deliberation, the owners have decided that one major inhibiting factor for HeavenGames’ prosperity is the simple fact that it doesn’t have a clearly defined identity. It has always been a site about games, but that is far too vague for the development of any clear goals and the effective marketing of the site.

We have thus discussed the issue with our staff and decided that we should make HeavenGames a site entirely geared towards community. At its core, HeavenGames always has been about building the best communities possible, so it only makes sense that we devote all of our resources to that service…(Read more!)

The Saviour of Léugìm Community Campaign

The Saviour of Léugìm Community Campaign

The lands of Léugìm have abandoned its days of peace. These once beautiful lands are being raided and harassed by horrible beasts that are under the orders of Dayon, a Lord that comes from the outside world and has on his mind conquering this land. As the current King of Léugìm will be busy negotiating with other kingdoms, and the other lords of other estates in the Kingdom do not want to fight, you are left alone to fight this war. In this campaign you will play mainly as Gregory, lord of Mardonton. But sometimes Gregory will be fighting in other places, and you will take the role of Aylma, the wise wizard and loyal companion of Gregory.

After almost a year of toiling, the Alliance of Designers present to you the Community Campaign! Originally created by Froobachoob as a project for the new designers of Stronghold Heaven. Map plans and discussion happen here in the Main Campaign Thread.

There are 10 missions in all and we plan to submit one mission each week. Mission 1: Mardonton is now available in the Download Section, read more about it in this thread.

We hope you have alot of fun playing our maps as we have fun designing them.

International Talk Like a Pirate Day!

Ahoy, me hearties! Aye, today be Talk Like a Pirate Day! On t’is fine day, all you lubbers can vernaculate like a pirate all day long. ‘Tis a fine way t’be speakin’, and if ye disagree, I’ll pour out my grog ever yer head, blast ya with my piece, and ye’ll be lost to Davy Jones’ Locker. Savy? So ye must speak like this until tomorrow’s sun sets-do we have an accord?

If’n talkin’ properly give yur head an ache, stab this.

Amended Review Guidelines

Sulis has tweaked the Review Guidelines, adding a few select paragraphs and amending some of the prerequisites in an effort to encapsulate current thinking.

Mappers and enthusiasts alike be sure to read the current Review Guidelines here.

Saviour of Nottingham a new Team Map Project

The third map project by the Stronghold Community is on its way.
The designers are trying to recreate the adventures of Robin Hood, the famed hero of British legend.
This will be a map pack with Crusader and Stronghold scenarios for all to enjoy.

To see the progress of the team map check out this thread here.

World in Conflict Heaven

A new heaven has been unveiled for World in Conflict!

World in Conflict is a unique RTS that takes place during a “what-if” scenario changing the cold War to World War III. The USSR invades Europe and the USA and you need to defend the country from the invasion.

The drop-in Multiplayer allows the player to pick a faction and control one of four unit roles to counter the opponent. You can join a game in progress and games can be up to 8vs8.

This new game is planned for release later this month. View the new heaven here or browse the forums here.

HeavenGames announces StarCraft 2 Heaven!

HeavenGames (,
the popular network of gaming fansites, has opened its latest chapter
with which to bring the real-time strategy world yet another hallmark
in game information and community: StarCraft 2 Heaven. Covering the
highly anticipated game, StarCraft 2 Heaven promises to offer
up-to-date content, the latest news, and an integrated and active

StarCraft 2 Heaven (
launched on August 25th, 2007 and already provides a wealth of
coverage, including a preview from BlizzCon, a gallery of
artwork and screenshots, news, game information, and discussion
forums. Few other sites provide such various and complete content as
StarCraft 2 Heaven!

Crusader Warchest Walkthrough: Mission 2 – Muddy Boots

The next walkthrough for the Warchest Skirmish Trail has been compiled by Lord Michael I. Mission 52 – Muddy Boots is now available, including a saved game for anyone who needs that extra assistance!

Congratulations to Sir Hugh

Today we would like to welcome
Sir Hugh
into the realm of Heaven Games Angels.
He has given this site his time and dedication,
going above and beyond what was asked of him.
His hard work and constant helpful attitude
are a wonderful asset to our staff.

Sir Hugh, works out all of bugs in our website content
and helps keep both the Stronghold Heavens running smoothly.
Sulis and I are excited to announce his promotion to Angel.
Congratulate him here!!!

Crusader Warchest Walkthrough: Mission 1 – First Step

Lord Michael I has very kindly provided us with a walkthrough and a saved game for the first mission of the Warchest Crusader Trail. We’ve lumped all the Crusader walkthroughs together in our downloads section, so Mission 51 – First Step is the first Warchest walkthrough.

Many thanks, Lord Michael I!

A Community Interview

Have you ever wondered how others found the game of Stronghold?
Dougleass, asks this question along with a several other thoughtful inquiries.
Stronghold,was the first game brought to us by Firefly Studios
and was first released by Take2 on October 19, 2001.
A cross between a city builder game and RTS game it continues
to hold the interest of a large community with dedicated mapmakers.
Learn how others found this game and what makes them keep playing.

You can find more about Stronghold Heaven’s map makers in the
Community Interview thread here.
Take a minute to add your information to this growing thread.

HeavenGames Official Blog: The First Step

Source: The HG Blog

Hey all,

So it’s been a little while since my last update. It’s mostly because we’re still hard at work figuring out the big picture for HeavenGames’ future; it’s a daunting job but I like what’s being hammered out. Anyway, in this article I’m going to discuss the two biggest problems that I’d like to get fixed before any grand scheming…and their solutions. Solutions are good.

Problem 1: HeavenGames current staff system is not what HeavenGames needs
While everyone works as hard as possible, the current staff system is simply not enough for what HeavenGames needs. Becoming staff is a big ordeal at HeavenGames, largely because of the daunting committment on both sides…

Solution: Reorganize the staff system
Reorganizing the staff system will help our current staff operate more
efficiently. First, we will make sure that all of the owners are active at HeavenGames. Next, Seraphs will be required to heavily advertise job openings to ensure consistent service and organization across the network. Finally, we will work to make a job at HeavenGames more attractive by giving benefits such as possible college credit and aid in getting a job in the gaming industry…(Read more!)

Official HeavenGames CEO Blog Opens

Source: The HG Blog

(I’m pensive about so many things in this photo)

Hey everyone,

My name is Socvazius; I’m the new CEO of HG, but I’ve been around for quite a long time. I started visiting HG in late 1997 (at age 11), joined the staff in 2000 (my first article, a masterpiece by any standard), joined the executive board in 2003 (I have nothing to say here but I wanted to add a parenthesis for consistency), and became owner in 2005 (when I turned 18). Over all that time, I have been webmaster of 6 Heavens and have done about every possible job.

Offline, I go by the name Sergio Prado and I study history at Harvard University in Boston, Massachusetts. I am currently working in marketing at Vivendi Universal on Empire Earth III and World in Conflict. I love philosophy, history, physics and politics among other things, and to compensate for my nerdy tendencies I’ve been known to karate it up as well as do all the other things that college students do. Oh yes.

Anyway, this is my blog! While I will surely use this blog for my own narcissistic ramblings, I intend it to be used mostly to keep everyone up to date on what’s going on in HeavenGames, especially the stuff that pertains to my job: management, PR, and all the other fun parts of a gaming website. In fact, I do have some news that you guys might be interested in. For the past couple months the owners have been discussing a major revamp of how HG operates, including its staff management and exactly what services it will provide to the community. We’re zeroing in on a finalized plan, so keep your eyes peeled for a freakin huge article that’ll be way too long to be worth reading!

Until the next post my friends,

HeavenGames Appoints Sergio Prado as new CEO

LOMBARD, IL – HeavenGames LLC, an internet leader in strategy fansites, today announced it has appointed Sergio “Socvazius” Prado to the position of Chief Executive Officer, effective July 28, 2007. Mr. Prado, a driven executive with considerable experience in the gaming industry, has worked at HeavenGames for 7 years in addition to Vivendi Universal’s brand marketing department. He currently is a college junior at Harvard University.

Prior to this appointment at HeavenGames, Mr. Prado served as the company’s Chief Content Officer on the executive board, ensuring the professional quality of content present across the network. He also headed six of its sites: for Age of Empires III, Age of Mythology, Age of Kings, Age of Empires, Rome: Total War, and Cossacks. During his employ at Vivendi Universal, Mr. Prado worked to market World in Conflict and Empire Earth III, two of the biggest strategy titles of 2007.

Tom Mescher, the exiting CEO, served as HeavenGames’ leader since its incorporation in October of 2000. He is moving on to continue his career in the IT industry.

HeavenGames LLC (, based in Lombard, Illinois, is a privately owned web-content publisher geared towards the creation of special-interest sites for Real-Time Strategy and City-Builder games. Its sites, content, vast amounts of resources, as well as a dedicated staff & management team make HeavenGames’ sites recognized by developers and press alike as one of the premier destinations for gamers worldwide.

Poll Round-Up!

With an overwhelming majority of votes, a defensive strategy is the most preferred. In our last poll we asked: What is your favorite conquest strategy against the AIs in Crusader?

Disrupt and wear down the enemy’s economy. [1042 votes = 8.6%]
Burn their farms and buildings at every chance. [733 votes = 6.0%]
Block their gatehouses with woodcutters and wait for them to self destruct. [483 votes = 4.0%]
Use rush tactics to take them down fast. [714 votes = 5.9%]
Build a good defense, attack later with strength. [9206 votes = 75.6%]

Our new poll is about which food resource you use the most.

You can see all previous poll results here and suggest ideas for new polls in this thread.

The fluttering of yet more little green wings…

Yes, another new recruit to the ranks and more flying lessons are required as Surajsubba has agreed to join the staff!

He will assist me in the moderation of the Stronghold Crusader forums and offer game help and advice, as well as guidance on scenario design. Anyone who knows Surajsubba will be only too aware of the wonderful scenarios he has provided for the enjoyment of others! I’ve also asked for a bit of help generally moderating the Crusader downloads.

Once again, I invite you to extend a warm welcome to our newest staff member here.

Castle of the Week 123 – Warkworth Castle, Northumberland

Occupying an area if nearly six acres, Warkworth Castle is a fairly well-preserved fortification located in Northumberland, England. About one mile from the North Sea, the castle sits high atop a hill in a loop of the winding River Coquet protecting the village and its strategic river crossing. Although the Village of Warkworth dates back to at least the 8th century, the first castle was not constructed until nearly 400 years later during the mid 12th century.
Today, the castle is owned by English Heritage and open to the public most of the year. The castle has been featured in many movies including Disney’s A Knight in Camelot and various other productions.
Read more about it here.

Gaming in Different Cultures: a survey

Angel Zen has been approached to write an article on computer gaming in different cultures. He’d welcome your feedback, which could provide some positive PR for HeavenGames, by commenting in this thread in the Gaming Discussions forum at HG Main. Here’s a peek at the opening post:

How do you think gaming is viewed in different cultures outside of the USA? StarCraft is very big in South Korea (so much so that they have musicals and dramas based on the game), MMOGs are very popular throughout Asia, and strategy games such as Knights of Honor, 1701AD, etc. are very popular in Europe; North America seems to be more about First Person Shooters – or is that all just a myth?

Seeing how we have a diverse staff and audience I thought I’d ask your views here. What sort of differences can you see between different cultures when it comes to gaming?

The fluttering of little green wings…

The staff are pleased to announce a new Cherub to our ranks! Sir Hugh has been working extremely hard behind the scenes for a while, assisting us with a multitude of tasks and will help with html, xhtlm and css work on our site. Sir Hugh will also assist Lady Arcola in the moderation of the Community Forums.

Please extend a warm welcome to our newest staff member in this thread.

Stronghold & Stronghold: Crusader competition

It’s time to dig out those copies of Stronghold and Crusader! The staff at Stronghold Heaven are pleased to announce, for your delectation, The Stronghold & Stronghold Crusader Fantasy Competition! Please refer to this thread for details.

Wut-wuts and green deer?

UnikUnok has mastered another trick in the Stronghold editor, allowing placement of certain animals within siege maps! Previously, rabbits and deer were killed off as soon as the scenario opens. Check this thread for details, as well as a mysterious ‘green’ deer..

Changes at Stronghold Heaven

The Halos are very pleased to announce that we have two new co-seraphs at Stronghold Heaven.

Lady Arcola, who has been a member of staff here for a very long time and is known to most of you for her constant friendly presence in the forums and Sulis, a past angel here, scenario designer and article writer, are joining forces and are full of ideas, plans and enthusiasm for the site.

Please welcome them here and give them a chance to get settled in and used to their new jobs … then look for changes.

We’d like to thank Sparrow for all his hard work 🙂