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First entry in competition posted.

The first entry in Erskine Ravel”s “Siege That Competition 2014” has been posted by Timballisto.

Check out the the competition thread in the Stronghold and Crusader: Map Room Forum, Siege That! Competition 2014.

As Erskine Ravel points out in his thread, “the whole idea behind” the Siege That! mode in Stronghold 1 is to “create siege maps that you could challenge your friends with“. So why not get involved? Could you be next to throw your hat in the ring?

Making a Siege That! scenario does not require that you create a custom terrain because in Siege That! the castle is evereything. So entering the competition can be quite easy. Previously known as Savage Templar, Erskine Ravel”s own Siege That! map in the Downlaods section is FerthHelm Signal-Fort. He writes in his thread: “I have created it just to show that a map can be created very quickly and easily and it is also, to provide castle design help to people.”

Stronghold Crusader 2 Release Date Set

Firefly Studios announced yesterday via their Facebook page:

We are proud to announce that Stronghold Crusader 2 will be released worldwide on September 2nd 2014! In the below statement Firefly Co-Founder and Design Lead Simon Bradbury explains the company’s decision to release the game at this time:

“We are thrilled to finally give Stronghold players a release date for the game. Fans of the Crusader series have high hopes for Crusader 2 and although many want to get their hands on a copy as soon as possible, it was never our intent to rush the development process. Since the beginning of the project we have maintained that Crusader 2 will pop its head above the parapet only when we are happy that it is truly ready for battle. Well now we think it is almost there, we are about to go into final testing and have recently been confident enough to demo our baby at public events such as EGX London, Rezzed and PAX East. We will have a sequel worthy of the Crusader name come September 2nd.”

– Simon Bradbury

The September 2nd release date will be a worldwide simultaneous retail and digital release. On launch day Stronghold Crusader 2 will be available both online through Steam and in stores, with a physical copy of the game on offer to fans looking to add Crusader 2 to their collection. Both editions of the game will be exclusive to the Steam platform, requiring the software to active. Please note you will still be able to play Crusader 2 offline by setting the Steam client to offline

Click here if you want to view the Stronghold Crusader 2 website –

To read this Facebook post check here.