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Topic Subject:An Error in the Game Manual
posted 06-10-14 08:00 EST (US)         
I have played Stronghold for about
5-6 months and have completed all but 3 of the missions without cheats on easy (Carving a Path, End of the Pig, Final Vengeance). I was unaable to complete Carving a Path no matter what I tried.

As I play around with the map editor, my latst maps are my Inpenetrable Sries which is a set of increasingly difficult Attacking Siege maps. I'll upload them as soon as I have a minimap! Anyway, I noticed that my Swordmens lasted much longer than tmy Pikemen against about 50 flaming arrows, yet the in-game manual says Pikemen have the best armor.
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posted 06-10-14 09:14 EST (US)     1 / 2       
The game manual was written several month before the game was released. Editing it after that spec was changed would be too expensive. Very few people have noted the error so no harm has been done.

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It's worth noting that while pikemen are not as strong against archers, they are actually more durable than swordsmen when dealing with crossbows.

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