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Topic Subject:Top 300 User Maps thing
posted 01-16-18 07:08 EST (US)         
Hey everybody,
I just came back to Stronghold HD and wanted to enjoy some user created maps. When searching for good ones I stumbled over this:

unfortunately I don't see a button to download all of them at once. When searching for the whole pack as a download I found this archived post:,3339,60,all

So two questions now:
1. Did Firefly ever include these maps in a release? In my Stronghold HD Version from GOG they are not included.
2. Is there now a way I can download all of these maps at once?

Thanks for your help and attention!
posted 01-17-18 06:29 EST (US)     1 / 1       
I think there is no way to download all these maps at once, and Firefly hasn't included these maps into any of their Stronghold releases. That is, as far as I know.

Simply, this list has been created by fans from this community, and not by Firefly. Though I don't understand why haven't they included these maps into some of their releases.

However, Firefly did include many fan-made maps into their Steam version of Stronghold HD, but I feel it's not even close to 300 maps.
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