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Stronghold and Crusader: The Map Room
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Topic Subject:New Map I'm Making: Isolated Fortress
posted 06-16-14 11:11 EST (US)         
It is going to be a very difficult defensive invasion map. You start with a very small area with a mixture of wooden and stone walls, but you are to build up your defenses to withstand the armies of all 4 of your enemies: Rat (who attacks extremely early, be prepared), Pig (Around 7 to 12 year gap between Rat's last attack and the first attack), Wolf (You thought he was difficult? Try defending against him using only Brazier Archers, Tunnellers, the basic engineering equipment and spearmen), and finally the Snake (basically, an all-rounder for this level the only invasion that repeats, but it may prove troublesome).

You are only allowed t build the following defensive structures: Wooden Wall, Stone Stairs, Small Stone Gatehouse, Square Tower, Small Wooden Gatehouse, Wooden Platform, Moat, Drawbridge, Portable Shield, and Catapults (Defensive Cow throwing.).

The troops you are allowed are Tunnelers, Engineers, Archers, and Spearmen.

I may need a plytester, for this will certainly be a difficult mission. One other thing: depending on the enemy, if you lose a certain amount of troops from a particular enemy, you WILL lose the scenario; its an added challenge in case you manage to make an inpenetrable fortress.

One question though: how does Your Troops Killed and Enemy Trooops Killed scale with difficulty?

EDIT: I'll post the map as an attachment once I'm completely done with it (if I can win a playtest at Normal or Easy, I might post it to the downloads section under Stronghold Invasions....)

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posted 06-17-14 15:42 EST (US)     1 / 3       
If you want to get someone to playtest before you put it in the downloads then post here and in the playtest request thread and organise to email the map to your tester.

If no-one steps forward to test, but you feel you have managed to do some testing yourself, then go ahead and post in downloads

You might want to take some screenshots, or a minimap, put them up on imageshack and post the URLs here to let people see it.

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posted 06-17-14 19:36 EST (US)     2 / 3       
As far as free image-hosting websites go, ImageShack is a no-go. They now require you to pay for their services after a one-month free trial. Recently, I've turned to Photobucket, and it just requires user registration.
"Your Troops Killed" and "Enemy Troops Killed" remain the same regardless of difficulty. So if an event required 10 units killed to be triggered, and you set the invasion to 10 units, even if the difficulty is set to "Very Hard", doubling the amount of units to 20, the event will still occur after 10 units have died.
posted 06-18-14 13:32 EST (US)     3 / 3       
hmmm, well that makes setting repeat invasions and troops killed difficult...
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