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Topic Subject:Stronghold HD Custom Invasion Bug
posted 06-11-20 11:17 EST (US)         
Hello everyone!

Just wanted to ask if anyone can help me here. I'm having an issue with custom invasion maps. When I place my own defending troops in Map Editor(example: 5 Archers, 5 Crossbowmen, 5 Pikemen, 5 Swordsmen), save the map and load it as playable Invasion mission, a part of my troopers disappear(as the result, I get about 4 Archers, 4 Crossbowmen, 4 Pikemen, 3 Swordsmen). This bugs me a lot and eliminates any will to play with this error. Of course, in Invasion I can create new soldiers through production, but I just not what I want. So can somebody please help me?
posted 06-25-20 17:45 EST (US)     1 / 1       
Hi there, what you're seeing is related to the map difficulty. When you place your soldiers on the map, some of them will disappear based on your difficulty setting. If it's set to Easy, they will all show up. As you increase the difficulty, more and more are removed. I don't know if this is true when you start out owning a keep, but I know for certain it's true of invasions where you start out without one, as well as sieges.

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