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Topic Subject: Sparrow's Extreme Challenges - #5 -- Valley of the Wolves 4
posted 12-18-05 00:07 EST (US)   
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Sparrow's Extreme Challenges 
My personal picks of the most difficult maps to play on "very hard" setting. 

This is the map thread for:

Challenge #5   posted December 17, 2005 
Valley of the Wolves 4 
by Duke of Wessex 
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Solution will be published with the next challenge in two weeks.

Please make all posts for this map in this thread.

Please feel free to post your progress, comments, discussions, compare notes, announce victories, or ask for help on this map, but ONLY POST FOR THIS MAP, please. And please DO NOT START ANY NEW THREADS for these challenges. Any new threads started for Sparrow's Extreme Challenges will be locked or deleted.

To post for other maps or for general challenge comments go to the main thread where you'll find links to all other challenge map threads.

Visit the main page for Sparrow's Extreme Challenges to see a complete write up with links, information, and solutions for every map.

Complete this challenge map and be included in the Honour Roll of Extreme Challenge Masters. To be listed for this map make a post in this thread to announce your victory. You MUST state what difficulty you played on so we know which honour roll to put you on.

DoY's infamous TREASURE ISLAND - Challenge #13 - Sparrow's Extreme Challenges for SH1 and Crusader

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posted 12-18-05 07:39 EST (US)     1 / 6  
hmm this is a very odd/ unatural looking castle, no offence intended of course it looks challenging

I'll give this a go, it seems quite doable judging from my quite successful start so i'll see how i go.

-tries to forget he hasnt finished BSRs now 100% annoying map!!-

*tiptoes away*


posted 12-18-05 08:17 EST (US)     2 / 6  
Looks like loads of fun!
But... "Oh-here wego again!"
I've got a crapy computer. Windows ME

Quoted from Info of SpExCh:4:

This one certainly taxes the sprite limit and probably goes over a lot. Try and keep your army to a reasonable size and give the Pig a fighting chance.

So I might give this one a miss.

I use the name Smyther everywhere now. Pronounced like "smiler" with a "the" in the middle.
posted 12-20-05 12:10 EST (US)     3 / 6  
You can count me in Sparrow.

I made it on the second try.

I first started the game on very hard to see what was going on. I managed to survive a few invasions until a breach was opened in the wall and lost.

I started the game again, but with the speed set on 10, so I would have the availability to move troops or delete/place buildings where I wanted before the enemy would get to the walls.

As there is only two signposts on the map, both of them located to the "bottom" of the map, with four path on the river, I moved the majority of the firing troops on the walls facing the attacks, leaving a few of them in case some make it around the castle. I also used the engineers with pitch on the walls. I did not use the pitch on the ground, it could have been helpfull, and I ended the game with a nice quantity of it, I even ended the production at a moment. I had to rebuild the walls after each attack, although the enemy never made it thru the walls.

I started to produce crossbows and leather armours as well as bows. I must say I faced at least three or four invasions at a gamespeed set between 10 and 25.
I finaly came up to have a consequent army that would allow me to now face the invasions at normal gamespeed (I play at speed 45).

The events were not difficult to handle. I continued to produce weapons and to hire military units.
I came to a point where I got close to the victory deadline (Delay before last invasion - Don't know how it shows in english). I started reducing the population to fulfill the objectives, and reached it quite quickly. I then waited for the last invasion... that was long to come. Very long... Too long...

I made a save and had a look to the scenario, I was wondering... and I found out there was an invasion every two month from 1090... And no "Desactivate invasions"...

Well, having figured this out, it was not hard to have no enemies on the map... even with an never ending invasion every two month. I took time to build extras forces, built some advanced positions with walls and a small stone gate to access, and filled it with archers and crossbowmen. I finaly heard the "L'ennemi est vaincu" - Enemy defeated? - but nothing happened... I faced a few other invasions with the same message after I decimated them... until I looked in the objectives panel to find out I had run out of ale...

Well, I made it after producing more beer, but overall, it was long. It is not a map I consider very hard, but very long. Anyway, the first invasions are nice, but once you've got enough troups, you can watch them easily get rid of the enemy.

posted 12-20-05 17:06 EST (US)     4 / 6  
Nice to see your victory, Duc de Noisiel. Congratulations. It is a fairly long one. I've checked it off in the honour rolls and put your name up.

DoY's infamous TREASURE ISLAND - Challenge #13 - Sparrow's Extreme Challenges for SH1 and Crusader
posted 12-21-05 12:08 EST (US)     5 / 6  
This is what I ended up with...:

The field.
posted 04-28-06 19:38 EST (US)     6 / 6  
I finished this one on very hard yesterday. What I thought would be a fun and easy slugfest turned out to be very difficult. Partially due to confusion and patially due to solving the reason for the confusion. The 2 month spawns over the last 15 or so years that never end were very difficult to squash to meet the requirements and my first two attempts I kept thinking that something was wrong due to the fact that they never would end and if I felt they would overwhelm me. Then I read here that they were a part of the game so I made a new design to try to deal with the initial game and to finish off the spawns.

I couldn't handle the scale of the initial castle, so in all 3 attempts I tore down the castle after the initial battle and rebuilt. I rebuilt on the first attempt in a somewhat diagonal shape forming towers and walls along the river trying to use the river crossings as choke points and allowing for open building anywhere on my side of the river. This may have held, but I was still strung out and the incessant attacks were slowly breaking me down and exposing my flaws. So I abandoned that and as an experiment I closed in the signposts and pounded the enemy as they came on the map. This was working, but the enemy just seemed to never end and the fact that they started spawning at the same sign post every time right when I almost had them wiped out reinforced my thought that this was a glitch. So I read this thread and found out that it was part of the game.

So I did one more build using a gauntlet tactic. Sealing all crossings except the NE one. Setting up a wall going almost to the east edge to the south of the crossing and a line of towers and walls to the north. Funneling the enemy along this line and allowing access to the keep. On my side of the river I built mangronel towers to attack any siege builds across the river. I had to heavily reinforce the norhtern crossings to stunt these catapults from cutting a hole before I could destroy them.

This worked very well in the initial handling of the enemy. I used pitch and pits to prevent too many units from crossing the river. I kept a few crossbows on my side to deal with the few that crossed.

The economy was fairly simple. Reorganizing space and maximizing wheat space. Using all open dairy spaces. More than enough. Getting the quarries going. 3 initial and 5 after clearing trees Although I still bought massive amounts of stone for the closing battles. More than enough trees. I used woodcutters mostly to clear ground I needed to build on. Iron is not important unless you want to sell maces. Pitch was important for me until I got more than enough crossbows. I had enough space to get the religion requirement at a high 174 pop. before reducing. Buy hops and enough processing to keep pace was fairly simple.

The intermittent problems are a burden, but easy enough to deal with. The rabbits are very easy. The plague is bad enough to allow for multiple apothecaries if you want. I got lucky with the fire as it only hit some farms. I had protected the granary and armory, but it wasn't needed. And the thefts encourage a feeding level that keeps granary stocks down as much as possible.

I built a few archers and amped up my crossbows in each runthrough. Just build as many as you can keep pace with.

The finishing off was like a game within a game. I ended up going back to closing in the posts allowing them to still funnel into my NE kill zone. This took longer than the original time to finish. I built thick walls backed by ballista towers to do it. Cutting down new areas and blocking off areas so I could move my troops up safely and to prevent breakouts. When I finally was getting close I built up my good things very quickly and got the win.

I finally finished just short of 1150!

I had 20% troops lost.

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