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Stronghold 2 » Forums » Crusader, Warchest, & Extreme: General Discussion & Help » Woodcutters instead of swordsmen
Topic Subject:Woodcutters instead of swordsmen
posted 01-16-18 08:41 EST (US)         
Who once, after a year of playing, tired of looking at the same pictures Stronghold Crusader and want something new, I offer an easy way to entertain your own moding game)
Example number 1 - Woodcutters forward!

We crawl into the root folder of the game, open the GM folder, look for the file body_swordsman.gm1 - this is a swordsman, copy the file name and temporarily add any character to the file name. Then we look for the file body_woodcutter.gm1
- this is a lumberjack, change the name of the lumberjack file to the name of the sword file, and then enter the name of the lumberjacker in the name of the sword file. So we changed the names of the files, and in the game swordsmen and woodcutters will be exchanged places and their functional duties!

In this way, it is also possible to replace other files. for example, if you want to fight a lady, and not a lord - we look for the files body_lady.gm1 and body_lord.gm1 and change their names, now the lady will take the lock and control it, and the lord will walk around the neighborhood.

if you can not understand the file name, you can open it and see it using the program Stronghold Image Toolbox , it can be downloaded from our site

Example No. 2 - Transfer the graphics of objects from the first part of Stronghold to Stronghold Crusader and back.

with the help of the same program Stronghold Image Toolbox , open and look at the file names of the objects you want to replace, also the GM folder, and transfer the files of the same name from the folder of one part of the game to another with the replacement of existing ones. For example, churches and chapels - tile_churches.gm1 , walls and towers - tile_castle.gm1

Example number 3 - change the screensaver Stronghold, Stronghold Crusader, Stronghold Crusader Extreme places.

All static screensavers and logos, menu graphics and control panels are contained in the gfx folders in the game 's root folders. Just look for the file using the Stronghold Image Toolbox , and transfer the games of the other part to the gfx folder . Example frontend_loading.tgx - boot screensaver, frontend_combat.tgx - background of the main menu.

---I only translated a post to english. The original can be found here:
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