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Topic Subject: Reviews: Requests
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posted 01-18-08 08:02 EST (US)   

Reviews: Requests

Before you review a map, you must read and understand the Review Guidelines. Reviews that do not meet the minimum standard required will not be approved.

If you would like your map reviewed (note: this does not relate to a request for a comment), add a post to this thread, stating the title of the map, the style of map, which game this relates to and a link to the scenario in the downloads section.


The Tower of Ravens

Once your map has been reviewed, please edit your post and either add something like Reviewed at the botton of your request, or use strikeout strikeout


The Tower of Ravens

or The Tower of Ravens

Please do not use this thread for anything other than placing requests for a review. Any posts other than genuine requests will be removed.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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posted 01-18-08 15:44 EST (US)     1 / 121  
Requesting a review for this map:

Wall on a Hill

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posted 01-18-08 20:03 EST (US)     2 / 121  
Requesting a review for these maps:

Tainted Water - Invasion

Of Swords and Apples - Invasion

My thanks for your time!

|<~---~|-A-| A N T I T H E S I S |--|~---~>|

"I am the Alpha and the Omega." - God

Unscrupulous Neighbours | A Small Quarrel | Of Swords and Apples | Tainted Water | Idyll (in progress)
posted 01-19-08 07:46 EST (US)     3 / 121  
Reguesting a review for:

Trouble In Paradise

"Curiosity will not cause us to die- only lack of it will.
Never to want to see the other side of the hill,
or that improbable country beyond where living is idyll, would kill us.
Only the curious have, if they live, a tale to tell." - Alastair Reid

Trouble in Paradise - St. Peter's Basilica -
The Flooded Lands - Ghost Town

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posted 01-23-08 11:37 EST (US)     4 / 121  
I'm not actually asking for a review, but I would really want to know what do You guys think about this mission : Fathers‘ Sins, Chapter 2: Jack Wolverine. I've worked almost a year with this one and I thought this type of a mission would surprise the players - it's like a third person action game: you control only one unit! Here are some pics:

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Stronghold Crusader projects: 300 Spartans, A Sweet Dream, Fathers' Sins, Chapter 1,
Chapter 2, Chapter 3
posted 01-29-08 10:38 EST (US)     5 / 121  
I have a request for a review on my map Duc De Chevaliers-the exp-p3-poseidon's lair.
Here is a link It went unnoticed. Please review!

Here is the minimap

Here is screenshot. It doesnt show the best parts of the map

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posted 02-09-08 12:51 EST (US)     6 / 121  
Can someone review the scenario thats in my sig? All I have for comments is useless garbage which I contributed to.
posted 03-09-08 11:31 EST (US)     7 / 121  
Please could I place a very humble request for one of my maps,
Hidden Beauty. It's a Stronghold Siege. If one has time then one other of my maps needs a review, Tools of the Trade. They don't need to be long, just point out the many mistakes this poor mapmaker has made. I would like to thank (in advance) whoever reviews my maps.
A very, very humble Crossbow Dude

Hidden Beauty

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posted 03-23-08 19:59 EST (US)     8 / 121  
Could someone review this map, the X-treme? It's a symetrical map for 4 people. Heres the link:


Creator of the maps"of fire and of water"

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posted 06-09-08 02:03 EST (US)     9 / 121  

(Thank you Fintrollx.)

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posted 06-11-08 06:35 EST (US)     10 / 121  
it would be nice if someone could review my latest map "Dam that river" on the Stronghold siege section

Also my siege map "turku castle" has only one reviews so it will be appreciated also.
posted 06-27-08 07:10 EST (US)     11 / 121  
hey, could someone please post a review for my map The Accursed Marshes?

Thanks, vSchmidt


posted 06-27-08 07:12 EST (US)     12 / 121  
np I'll review it right away

You don't get anywhere just by whishing....FAKe
posted 06-29-08 04:52 EST (US)     13 / 121  
posted 07-01-08 14:25 EST (US)     14 / 121  
I would appreciate if some could review my new map Mines of Richmond?
posted 07-13-08 06:14 EST (US)     15 / 121  
posted 07-13-08 06:28 EST (US)     16 / 121  
Try to wait a little buczekk, you cant expect a review the second you put up a map
posted 07-24-08 10:49 EST (US)     17 / 121  
Could someone review my Stronghold Crusader map, Telyn, Holding the flank? It is an invasion type, with a small economic requirement.

posted 07-24-08 11:59 EST (US)     18 / 121  
Quoting abit Arthus on this^^;D

Try to wait a little Lord_Lorou, you cant expect a review the second you put up a map.

If you like very big battles, i suggest you to try Massacre at Tenjin
posted 07-26-08 08:17 EST (US)     19 / 121  
Requesting Review for Embrace

(Not sure on how to condense the link, sorry!)

Thanks to anyone who wishes to review. : )

"It was a fine cry, but it had no bottom and it had no top, just circles and circles of sorrow."
posted 07-27-08 12:11 EST (US)     20 / 121  
Captain Diablo, i don't know should i review your map since i found out the dirty trick to make it easy? and if not using the trick the map is impossible so that makes some areas (balance especially) hard to give a rate..

If you like very big battles, i suggest you to try Massacre at Tenjin
posted 07-28-08 07:54 EST (US)     21 / 121  
Well, think of it like this.

Without the dirty trick (which was put in there on purpose) the map is impossible. Which is how it should be.

But if you CHOOSE to use the trick, then you can beat it. Which is ALSO how it should be.

Hope that helps. : )

Just remember it's not a normal invasion, more of a puzzle.

"It was a fine cry, but it had no bottom and it had no top, just circles and circles of sorrow."
posted 07-29-08 06:19 EST (US)     22 / 121  
Requesting review for my map:
Wings of Solitude

by the way just submitted review to your map embrace Captain Diablo.

If you like very big battles, i suggest you to try Massacre at Tenjin
posted 08-01-08 04:47 EST (US)     23 / 121  
Greetings everyone,

I have uploaded 3 maps to the website. Their all for Stronghold;

The Tower-Seige-400x400 - interesting scenario about the Tower of London and adjoining castle fixtures. An interesting seige, especially hard for attackers.

Caerphilly Castle-Invasion-400x400 - Caerphilly Castle of Wales, the complete castle and surrounding lands, 2 signposts. 2 ways of entry, (feeling like an appraiser talking about a house.) This is not the hardest map out there, this was more a test to see how everyone liked the map, and if it went well, I would go back and make it more challenging. All of these three are like this.

Lakeside Camp-Economic-160x160 - a scenario for beggining economists like I say in the description. It is something like you would see in one of the easy economic missions.

Anyway, thinking of it now, I 'spose I should have made landscapes or sieges if I wanted people to drool at the scenery. (Not that I have those special magical powers to do so like the more experienced of folk.) But please review these maps, you would have my sincere gratitude and a few better maps to come if the ratings are good.

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posted 09-16-08 14:01 EST (US)     24 / 121  
Hi players, I have posted a Crusader invasion map called Zimba. It's a rather unique map and story where you are Jonas Sprye searching for the lost city of Zimba, Zimba 2 will be posted in a couple of weeks.
I would sure appreciate someone taking the time to rate this map for me. Thank You. (sorry I do not know how to add a link)

Hi players, I just wanted to say that Zimba has been reviewed.

Thank You for taking the time to review my map(Zimba),
Lord Dredde and Stratego your reviews are well done, I will head over and make a thank you comment at the map site.


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posted 09-17-08 02:00 EST (US)     25 / 121  
Sir Vet,

I'm currently playing your map "Zimba", and it's a great one ... just be patient – my review will come up very soon ...!

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