posted 01-18-08 08:10 EST (US)   
Want to add a minimap to your description page when submitting a map to the downloads section? Here is the easiest way to do it:

How to Add a Minimap to the Description Page

  1. Begin by downloading the PNG utility from here:
  2. A text file with instructions comes with the utility. When you open the program a very small screen appears. Select any map file from your maps folder (which can typically be found here on your computer: C:\Program Files\FireFly Studios\Stronghold\Maps).
  3. Drag and drop the map file onto the screen, and it will create a PNG file. The PNG file has the same name as the map, but with the .png extension, and is still located in the maps folder.
  4. You can now upload this png directly into the description area by browsing to and selecting it where it says Minimap in the upload form.

Pictures in the Forum - Using BB Code
If you want to add a picture to your forum post, you can do it by creating a GIF or JPEG using the photo/picture editing software on your own computer.

  1. To get a screenshot from within Stronghold, hit Alt-PrintScn to copy it.
  2. Paste it into your editing software (Paint, Photoshop, etc.)
  3. Crop the picture however you like it, then save it.
  4. Upload the picture to your own webspace (free webspace can be found at bravenet or freespace, etc.)
    From Octavius: If you need a free site to host files and pics and such that you can link to, use 30MB's, and you can basically use it for storage and link to the files from your bravenet site
  5. Get the URL for your picture by right-clicking on it (once it has been uploaded) and going to Properties. You can copy the address and paste it into your post.
  6. If you want the picture itself to appear, use this code:

    This appears as:

  7. If you want just a link to the picture to appear, use this code:
    [url=]Link to Picture of Walls[/url]
    This appears as: Link to Picture of Walls

If you have a bunch of pictures, or the files are large, then it's better to just have a link to them, so people on dial-up don't needlessly suffer.