posted 02-12-15 15:52 EST (US)   
Link to the downloads and my main thread.

Basically, I made two skirmish maps and a freebuild, where you play along the Nile (or a river like it).

There's plenty of farmland of course, but resources are sparse. The land is vast and flat. Only a few trees grow along the banks. You can quarry the crumbling Pyramids, and a step pyramid, for stone. And vandals and looters have unearthed vast stashes of metalware. Not to mention, the delta is a good, marshy area full of pitch. And there are only three crossings: the delta, one in the middle, and one at the bottom of the map.

I can post screenshots if anyone is interested. Otherwise, could y'all hike over to the original thread and download it and tell me what is good, and what could be improved?

Thanks, all!

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