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Stronghold and Crusader: The Map Room
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Topic Subject: Cavalier
posted 04-27-15 18:13 EST (US)   
Ever notice how when you say something, there's that part of you that goes, "Hahahahaha, yeah right."? Yeah, that just happened. Just to be clear, I have no plans for writing a story or doing whatever other meticulous work on this in some planned time. So I'm not confirming whether or not I'll be submitting this one. Regardless of whether or not I complete it, chances are, I'm going to submit this map at least in the Miscellaneous section for someone else to play around with.

My original inspiration was qtilleg's 4Brothers maps that made me want to make some sort of combination castle. So I decided to try to make one sometime last year, I think. Then I saw WarLord_Designs' Krak des Chevaliers forum post two days later, and thought, "Nope." and stopped. Yeah, it was totally all your guys' fault. Mostly it was because I got bored of playing. Well, anyway, I figured, "Why not make another map because I seriously have nothing to do from now until the Blackhawks play again?" So I started making this. Now, I definitely can't work by reference, like any castle plans or whatever that requires a lot of attention to be put into, and I've never really played around with the AIV editor enough to get the hang of it, so this took quite some time. Apparently not enough time if I started this at 8 pm last night and got most of it down by 1 am.
Instead of the two Wolves and one Frederick, it's just one Wolf and one Frederick here. I was originally planning on using Saladin instead of the Wolf, but thought, "How can I make people hate me today?" by letting another AI use crossbowmen. I mean, I could've done assassins.
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This is by no means done. I still have the tweak the AI quite a bit. I mean, I guess I could probably work on the landscape or something. But I think it looks fine, don't you? Look at that blatant disregard for transition between grass and sand! Oh yeah, you see those starting resources up there? Yeah, expect that in the actual game, because nothing says "challenging" like having infinite food.
Anyway, there are a bunch of ways to get through the outer walls, but only one way up.

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I guess someone could accidentally destroy all those walls leading from the keep to the upper part of the castle, but since I already warned you in the last sentence, I deny responsibility.
All jokes aside, don't expect this to be completed any time soon. It was started simply because I had nothing else to do last night.
By the way, seriously, if anyone else wants to work on this too, feel free to ask. I've got no problem with it.

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posted 04-28-15 02:55 EST (US)     1 / 1  
Nice map you are working on. Now when you mentioned it you reminded me that I haven't completed Krak des Chevaliers, which I'm gonna have to do, and same applies to your map. I'm really looking forward to see this scenario completed.
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