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Topic Subject: How to make maps feel bigger?
posted 05-18-20 00:07 EST (US)   
For multiplayer purposes, my group finds most of the maps to be too small. From what I understand 400x400 is the largest map possible in Crusader engine, this still feels too small and often neighboring enemies can build castle towers so close to eachother as to harass economy.

We prefer castles to be used defensively rather than offensively like this. Is it possible for castle building range to be reduced?

Do you have any other methods for making the maps feel larger? Hoping to delay the action slightly, not rushing to build a tower in enemy base at game start.
posted 05-30-20 08:57 EST (US)     1 / 1  
I completely agree with you. It's nonsense that we don't have larger maps. Even when building a small castle on purpose on a large map, I still get to be able to target my enemy castle, at least with mangonels. The best solution would be to have 600x600 maps, but that's not an option.

That's why I often, when making a map, start making it with in intention - to be a 2 vs 2, or 3 vs 3, or so on. This way I can make sure that enemy castles are going to stay apart. Also, having oasis behind my castle, to have my workers and stone quarries protected, would be cool, but that too pushes enemy castles closer to each other. Also, having a marsh or a mountain between the enemies can help too, and even make the multiplayer game more exciting.

Unfortunately, I'm afraid that we are stuck with obvious answers such as this one.
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