posted 01-06-21 10:48 EST (US)   
So my first post in a loong time. Is Peter still around? Or the old times, i was just a kid growing my first mustache memories...Things were so simply back then, 14 years ago or something
Loved my maps as a teenager. Hope he's doing well.. he was great history teacher for damn sure!

So which maps are more popular? More fun to make?
Stronghold.. Crusader?

Crusader maps is only for multiplayer?

Nobody playes original stronghold online? We used to play on Gameranger.. What are the right patches? (Anybody interested in kickin my butt maybe.. 1vs1, 2vs2 however)

Recommended downloads, now that i've been away for so long?

Nice to see you people and hopefully hear from ya'll, i wanna see the situation today on online and single-player. And the map making community?

I use'd to do some fancy castles
I love making scenery too, if someone like Peter liked to fix the balances and else in the map. I made maps look realisted.. After my first 2 or 3 lol.

If you like very big battles, i suggest you to try Massacre at Tenjin