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Greetings! With Definitive Edition's release, our beloved map editor has gotten a fresh coat of paint and some new tools to play with; I started doodling and messing around with the marker system, and came away with what I believe to be a solid little eco-invasion. For this map, I wanted to focus on really granular details, like having sloping riverbanks and intricate rock formations. I'll let you be the judge of my success, but here's what it looks like in Stronghold HD:

And here's a similar shot, but in Definitive Edition:

Finally, here's a side-by-side comparison I cobbled together in Affinity Photo:

You notice the red circle? Well, in Definitive Edition, you can change teams around to create allied factions, but once ported to HD, the editor loses that functionality---hence, farmers full of arrows.

Something I think is especially cool is the marker system, which gives you flexibility and new objectives to mess with. For example, I have markers set up to tell a mini story (via new dialogue options) as the player guides their troops from the left side of the map to the neutral village (shown in the pictures above). It's nothing crazy, but it's a neat level of polish you couldn't do before. Unfortunately, this doesn't translate back to HD, so I had to redesign the scenario a bit.

I'll leave you with this final screenshot, taken in Definitive Edition:

Once I write up a lil story, I'll submit the HD version to SHH; the DE version is already up on Steam, for those who want to check it out.

Hope everyone reading this is doing well. Thanks for checking the thread out!

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