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Legends: Game Help & Strategy
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Topic Subject: Awards System Knowledge Thread
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posted 02-17-07 21:50 EST (US)   
Thought it would be nice to gather some accumulated knowledge together on the new Legends awards added to the game in patch 1.2. Please post any info or questions you have on it here.

Whenever you achieve certain goals during play you receive an award to go in your awards cabinet. The cabinet is located under the Options menu and holds 60 awards. I believe some of these can be earned on any type of map while others are specific to a particular map type.

Below is a severely lightened screen shot to show the silhouettes of all the awards in the cabinet. Numbers are the ones used in the .BIK file name for each award.

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posted 07-05-07 20:16 EST (US)     76 / 94  
Castle pieces are towers and gatehouses. I am not sure about engineers guilds, but you can only place one of those anyway.

All I know is that I got it during a crazy multiplayer against a friend and I made a wall of pure engine towers. I made SOOOOO many mangonels it was unbelievable.

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posted 07-13-07 18:15 EST (US)     77 / 94  
hey guys this is great stuff. #2 is the Grand Designer award for spending more than ten hours in map builder at one time. I got it and didn't even know i was in map builder.
posted 07-13-07 21:13 EST (US)     78 / 94  
Hahahah! Yes! My friend got that one after beating a multiplayer, and he's never used the Map Editor before! There's some bug in there, and I don't know what it is.

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posted 07-30-07 10:43 EST (US)     79 / 94  
I don't have this game but that 60 is Legends Award because my cousin got it. To get it you must have all the others and all campaigns done. If you don't have Gold one you can still get it. (easier for them )

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Alien Lord92
posted 08-14-07 21:55 EST (US)     80 / 94  
Great!!! Ive used this forum multiple times for awards and ended up making maps, slugging opponents around, etc. Ive got bout 30 awards in the last week because of this... 5 hours a day. =)

Any way to check how many estates U captured or drags killed etc?

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posted 01-24-08 08:01 EST (US)     81 / 94  
This is great stuff! - Someone should fix the wikipedia article on these awards, type in stronghold legends on wikipedia and you'll find some information about the game.
They've got a list of the awards, but alot of them are all wrong and the table is poorly arranged.

I've found out some easy ways to earn awards - I don't usually cheat at games but some of these awards are just too hard..

Estate capturing cheat:

Start a small free-build map in the map-editor and place all the different coloured estates, leaving red as your keep.
In these estates, put in a small keep and put some soilders by each one, put in some dragons or werewolf dens somewhere on the map too.

When you start the game, put in your stockpile and granery, and wait till the timer runs out on each estate - then once that's done, send your lord over to the dragons/werewolves/outlaws and wait till he's dead.

Click restart on the mission stats screen and keep repeating this process 19 times, if you haven't EVER captured another estate you will have captured exactly 304 after this map. ^^

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posted 04-05-08 15:22 EST (US)     82 / 94  
Anyone knows how to get #2 award Grand Designer?
Because i already spend over 20 hours to the map editor,but no award yet...
posted 04-05-08 18:36 EST (US)     83 / 94  
You need to play a map that you created to the end as well.

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posted 05-19-08 20:28 EST (US)     84 / 94  
Right here is a list of what i DON'T have-
5 ,6,15,19,20,21,23,24,46,52 and 60. much easier than listing what i do have.Had great fun getting them ! LD

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posted 06-09-08 16:03 EST (US)     85 / 94  
#2 is being on map maker for 10 hours *sigh*
posted 08-17-08 04:24 EST (US)     86 / 94  
Sir White i am new at this but i need to know how to get a trophy on stronghold legends its called economic king and i dont know how to earn money reply ASAP Plz!

<>< FISHIE!!!
posted 09-26-08 16:27 EST (US)     87 / 94  
i have two things to ask

how to you give bribes and,
where is the .BIK file???

can any1 help me with either?

or with getting awards:

1,2,13,14,15,21,23,25,27,29,37,39,40,41,42,43,48,51,52,58 and 60

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posted 09-26-08 20:25 EST (US)     88 / 94  
You can give bribes by reducing your taxes under "No Taxes" to a bribe. This is done at your keep.

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posted 11-21-08 20:26 EST (US)     89 / 94  
Okay, is anyone else having a problem beating Authur's Challenge? I can beat the 1st mission but then the second is giving me a hard time, does anyone have any tips on helping me beat it?
posted 06-08-09 00:39 EST (US)     90 / 94  
man....its gonna take forever to get all the way to 60... soo far i have 39/60... but for 52, #52 Ultimate Castle
Awarded for owning every single structure at one time during a game, I did create all the stucture's but i didnt get the reward, any sugestions?

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posted 10-10-09 06:27 EST (US)     91 / 94  
For those of you having trouble with #1, i just found out what it is. the total time you have played SHL must be 7 hours. then, after a battle, you'll get the award. pretty easy, but not good for the ones with no patience *raises hand* lol
posted 02-16-11 19:02 EST (US)     92 / 94  
For the timed award #1 i just left the game running with a bunch of achers and crossbowmen to defend and then i got it. (first time i tried to get it i got the blue screen of death.... :P) had 2 hidden programs running and forgot to close them.

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posted 10-22-13 10:55 EST (US)     93 / 94  

just 1 lefting
posted 10-05-15 09:21 EST (US)     94 / 94  
Have you read Wolfman4God's post #12 in the Website Announcements and Updates forum, Stronghold HD and Stronghold Crusader HD?

He writes about the free upgrade for SHC to SHC HD:
if you put in your e-mail after the install, you get a huge bunch of bonuses in Kingdoms! I'm loving you Firefly!
This confirms what I have heard from my Kingdoms buddies about Kingdoms treats for HD free upgraders
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