posted 12-29-10 13:56 EST (US)   
I am using Stronghold Collection: Stronghold Legends v1.20.

The glitch is still there in Stronghold Legends: Arthur: Morgan Le Fay. The glitch is having an invasion siege camp auto placed behind the impossible ice barrier.

What caused the glitched?

The Game AI couldn't find a way to get inside my starting point cause I blocked it from doing what it was created to do by enclosing the starting point with walls and towers. It prevented the wolves which is known to be apart of the invasion armies especially close to the end.

I did it several times with the almost same design which kept on bring up the glitch. So this time I done something much different.

But this time I only build walls around three fourths of my starting point. I created with the walls, the base structure of the towers or otherwise giving a feeling that there is a tower there.

I even placed all resource collectors like mines, and camps outside the area, which I left a big open area for the workers to come without the needs of having a gate.

Inside were mainly food granary, barrack, armory, non food supply building, few houses, foods like pig farm, dairy and etc.....

This big hole allows the Morgan's armies invading my starting point. Which I used my archers who are my only defense and I placed them along the top of the walls that was 3/4 enclosed around the starting point.

Cause of that design, Merlin shows up on the map and there is no invasion siege camp behind the impossible ice barrier