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Topic Subject: Transylvania Alternate?
posted 02-16-17 10:14 EST (US)   
Ok so I am playing the evil campaign; I made it to Transylvania and I put it on Easy mode: (the one to the left?). Now I have looked at a few strategy guides; even videos that show it played out but, I am seeing something much different then what the videos show. In this level there are 3 castles 2 North and 1 South. It is suggested that I take the one that is South. In the video it shows a mounted catapult and a decent number of archers in the south castle. But when I play: I see no catapult, twice the number of archers (and crossbowmen) AND Swordsman on the walls. the strategy calls for using creepers to take over the wall, the towers, and the gate. I have run the strategy multiple times and the Swordsmen thwart my creepers every time. I end up besieging the castle to the south longer then I have to (with no heavy siege equipment) until the two to the north wipe me out. Am I doing it wrong? Is the Map somehow glitched?
posted 02-16-17 13:52 EST (US)     1 / 1  
Hey, welcome to Stronghold Heaven!

Sadly, I don't know much about Stronghold Legends, I have played it very little.

But in case you don't get your reply here, I would suggest you to ask this question at Stronghold Nation forum, which is a similar community to this one. I am active on both forums. Lord Chris, who is administrator at Stronghold Nation, knows a lot about Stronghold Legends, it is likely that he will know the answer.

If you need any help, just tell.

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