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Topic Subject: Contains no files? error
posted 08-20-10 03:41 EST (US)   
I seem to have come across an error where the game would not start.

when I go login it goes to the menu where you can choose to play in alpha and the other realm.
When I click aplha 4 it comes up with a message

"contains no files"

and thats it and you click ok.
I cant play the game at all anymore and it seems to just freeze and the only option you have is to click exit.

I would love to know if this has happened before and get it fixed. Thankyou. great game by the way

I think reinstalling it will make it work but if it doesent im in a pickle. and im allergic to pickles seriously lol
posted 08-20-10 03:45 EST (US)     1 / 2  
Hi The Irishman

Have you reported your problem in the alpha forums? There is a sub-forum there for errors installing the game and getting it to run.

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posted 08-20-10 03:51 EST (US)     2 / 2  
ok so I got everything under control now if anyone gets this error just tell them to uninstall the game and then go and install it again from the site.

Problem solved !

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