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Topic Subject:Stronghold for RPG maps, technicalities
posted 05-06-19 12:01 EST (US)         
Hello all,

I have been using SH1 and SHC for creating printed out maps for use in local pencil & paper RPG games. These maps are upgraded by player activities over time. I am stuck on how to find a way to place farms at higher elevation. Cutting and pasting them in photo editor is getting excessive. I am aware that SHC can do this but rebuilding the map in SHC would be a lot of work and then its desert appearance just wouldn't fit. I have SH2, SHL, SHC2, and would love to use their editors but I can't find a way to view the whole map or paste screens together because the view shrinks into the distance. I use a 3' plotter printer for the maps and it has been very awesome so far...

1: In SH1, is there a way to get farms onto higher elevation?

2: Could a SH1 map be imported to SHC?

3: Is there a way to zoom way out in SH2, SHL, or SHC2?

4: Is there a way to view the SH2, SHL, or SHC2 games without perspective so I can paste screens together?

Any alternate ideas of how to achieve detailed maps would be appreciated. Perhaps even by using another game's editor.
posted 05-11-19 21:24 EST (US)     1 / 1       
1: Yes, but you may not like it, using photo-editing software may be easier. Check out the 2000 stone trick. You could potentially use it to stamp the farm tiles in place and then raise them. Additionally, you could try magically erasing farms, but that would be tedious and I don't know if it would actually solve your problem. You might also consider just making "farms" out of shrubs if it's just for appearance purposes.

2: Not that I'm aware of.

3: Not that I know of.

4: No.

Have you considered building up what you want in Minecraft and then using Overviewer? It generates a nice isometric view of a given Minecraft world.

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