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Topic Subject: Help me!!!!
posted 06-05-05 00:02 EST (US)   
Help! I need help!!!

I downloaded stronghold V 1.2 or whatever, and it says it can't pick up my stronghold disc, BUT ITS IN THERE!! HELP ME!!!

I'm nowhere without stronghold =(

posted 06-05-05 12:28 EST (US)     1 / 22  
you have d/l'ed the patch for SH2, not SH1.
posted 06-05-05 17:31 EST (US)     2 / 22  
Aw pock, damn how do I get rid of it?
posted 06-06-05 13:18 EST (US)     3 / 22  
uninstall sh, delete everything associated, re-install, that will make sure everything is gone.
posted 06-07-05 23:06 EST (US)     4 / 22  
Damn.. dang that stinks...
posted 06-15-05 15:29 EST (US)     5 / 22  
Don't worry .... ive just done the same thing
posted 06-27-05 02:46 EST (US)     6 / 22  
You can ofcourse, save your maps and saved games in an other folder when you reinstall.
posted 08-04-05 17:37 EST (US)     7 / 22  
i got the same probelem
but i re instald the game en nowit works
posted 09-15-05 13:57 EST (US)     8 / 22  
were do i save the maps i downloaded ? can any1 tell me ?
posted 11-20-05 15:13 EST (US)     9 / 22  
It doesn't matter.

To access the stronghold inner sanctem, do the following:

Click on "My Computer" ;
C:/ ;
Progrom Files ;
FireFly studios ;
Stronghold (or sh CRUSADER) ;

This only works with WINDOWS(anything) and if you haven't changed ANY of the defauly setings upon instalation.

posted 02-21-06 20:16 EST (US)     10 / 22  
Sorry to interupt but, I did what you said and I still can't find the maps on the game. Could I have not unzipped them, maybe?
posted 02-21-06 20:32 EST (US)     11 / 22  
The maps do have to be unzipped first.

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posted 02-21-06 21:57 EST (US)     12 / 22  
Thanks, I worked it out. ;-)
posted 03-07-06 20:24 EST (US)     13 / 22  
I got a question... how do you unzip!!!!!!!!!!!!
posted 03-07-06 22:00 EST (US)     14 / 22  
get an unziper
(click 'try now' for a fre version)

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posted 03-07-06 23:34 EST (US)     15 / 22  
I Like to use WinRaR


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posted 01-10-07 11:16 EST (US)     16 / 22  
Has anyone noticed that with SH2 a folder for maps is also placed in "My Documents"? I know a lot of people new to the game will be puzzled by this. It's very unusual for a game program to do this. Copies of saved games and restarts are also stored here for no apparent reason. I'm thinking maybe it's because I have multiple harddrives?
In order to modify a free build map, you need to copy a map into the folder in "my Documents first. Why the editor can't use the same map in the map folder is a mystery to me.
Then you can see it in the available maps to edit. For instance, "Coast of Dawn" will be listed twice, you can edit the map and save it as "Coast of Dawn-2".
This is very confusing as you will soon have many, many duplicate maps in the list!

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posted 01-10-07 17:39 EST (US)     17 / 22  
Sir Rob, I'm not sure if you're just commenting or actually asking a question, but either way your post should be in the Stronghold 2 forum. There is an answer to the question. Ask it there and I'll be happy to explain.
posted 04-09-07 05:26 EST (US)     18 / 22  
Well you might already have the patch.
posted 07-08-07 19:46 EST (US)     19 / 22  
Chapter 5 on the PEACE MISSIONS

The Carter Post Delivery Wagons wont move to deliver the food to Sir Williams Grainery and I can not win the mission... always lose.

Please Help
posted 07-09-07 15:59 EST (US)     20 / 22  
Hi ateam420,

...didn't you read the walkthrough on this mission?

Keep in mind, carters will deliver the various goods if the goods are sufficiently stored up...either in your granary or the stockpile!

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posted 07-27-07 14:33 EST (US)     21 / 22  
Just bought the game

No manual

how do you get idle peasants to take up jobs left empty by peasants who have left/been killed etc??????????

Is there a certain building i have to build????????????

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posted 07-27-07 18:37 EST (US)     22 / 22  
In Stronghold 1, make sure you have enough hovels placed to house you idle population. A peasant who is killed will automatically be replaced. Your population must also be kept happy so they don't leave you for a kinder lord.

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