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Topic Subject: Wondering how to mod in trackable ai pathing and shortcuts for buildings.
posted 05-06-16 02:37 EST (US)   
Hello everyone, new to the forums here.

After playing through about half of the original campaign I found it incredibly irritable that there are no shortcuts for creating buildings when so many other older games support them. It makes amassing a base 10x harder then it needs to be : (

If anyone could help me find a way to mod the original game files to allow this, along with the ability to track the pathing of the ai to create a more efficient fortress much obliges would be had!
posted 05-06-16 19:54 EST (US)     1 / 2  

I'm not certain what you mean by trackable AI. As far as worker and troop movement is concerned, I can assure you that the shortest existing path is selected, so there are no improvements in efficiency to be had there.

As for adding hotkeys, this is very likely easier said than done. You can set some program up which will execute the necessary mouse actions to select a given building when a certain key is pressed. It will take some work but that's probably your best bet if it's that irritating. A person could hypothetically edit the executable file itself, although I believe under the rules of this forum I am not allowed to suggest that course of action, and if I could, I would make the disclaimer that it would be extremely difficult and time-consuming to pull off.

If you find it's too hard to find a workaround, keep in mind that you can always turn the game speed way down to place buildings while time stands nearly still, and placing buildings in clusters reduces the number of times you need to switch what building type you have selected.

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posted 05-22-16 21:31 EST (US)     2 / 2  
Holy cow fast response, wasn't expecting it so quickly T_T

With apologies to my slow response, there are actually were alot of ideas I had in mind in terms of seeing the ai pathing and being able to measure it, and have hotkeys for the building placements. I also had ideas of making workers for building, making construction less op then now is and even allow players to use buildings when attacking.

Although the ai take the shortest route possible, I still have such a fing hard time determining which side of a building workers will enter, how the stockpile blocks routes both when it's empty and full, and all other minuteities of things that I'm sure people are overlooking. By being able to have the numbers showing exactly which building placements provide the fastest route will be a huge boost for the community.

In terms of building hotkeys, Blizzard has undoubtedly proved-ed it's a necessary function in just about ever rts to date. being limited not by the design but rather by your own apm I feel is the only way to create a even greater experience for Stronghold.
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