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Topic Subject: The terrain level editor...
posted 08-04-19 22:50 EST (US)   
Trying to equalize the terrain is proving irksome. Yes, I CAN level my terrain from one gradient to the next, but it's often rocky and jumbled, no matter how often I run over it with the Equalizer function like a vacuum cleaner.

I keep seeing pics of people with fantastic, smooth hills they've created, and I'm clearly missing something. Do I just lack the touch, or does anyone have any killer tricks and tips?

What I'm attempting:

- Lord's Keep and inner hold on a Max Height small plain. Surround that with a Hi Plain plateau that the peasants sit on. The access between the two levels is supposed to be equalized terrain up to the gate house of the inner hold.
Mid Plain surrounds the peasants, and contains the industry buildings. Once again, access is supposed to be an equalized hill. Min Height all around after that.

The equalizer tool allows me to make a jumbled, rocky mess that my sprites may or may not be able to navigate.

Any help or guidance to instruction videos about how to use this dang tool like the pros seem to?


- Biscay Marteau
posted 08-05-19 22:53 EST (US)     1 / 1  
The equalizer is a very blunt instrument. My biggest hint would be to use a smaller brush size, and to use increasingly small brush sizes as your slope gets smoother and smoother.

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