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Topic Subject: Mission 15 and Mission 18
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posted 09-08-04 11:51 EST (US)   
I thought it was time to create this topic. If you want me to add or remove anything just ask. I'd also like if the mod stickied this, please?
Many people arrive at the forum asking for help on the missions. Before posting any new topic on the forum I would like you to try these options for each level:

15: Carving a Path
Our Walktroughts: 1, 2 and 3.
The result of searching for the mission

Please read all the threads on the search results and try it. If it still doesn't help I tell you this: Keep Trying. Even if you take 20 plays to win don't surrender. Plan your way in and maybe start the map and give a look on the enemy so you've got an idea, the restart it to play.

DO NOT use cheats. They may help you but it's the wrong way to do things. You'll regret this later, I assure you.

18: End of the Pig
Our Walktrought
The result of seaching for the mission

I would like to remember in this mission, that unlike mission 15, you do not have a time limit. Have patience and plan your way in, and as always try it as many times as possible. And also: You can kill the Pig without needing to destroy the other troops and you win.

posted 09-20-11 22:19 EST (US)     26 / 29  
I just figured out how to get MAXIMUM POSSIBLE SCORE on Mission 18!

I.e. Finish on VERY HARD with 0% losses.

I'm on my way doing it at the moment, it works. But it's taken me 3 hours so far and I'm a third of the way through the castle. Probably take me 8 hours to complete it.

If anyone wants to know how the hint is to SLOWLY work your way through all the towers with some crossbows. (Kill 1 guy at a time). You will eventually kill EVERYTHING with just crossbows. Even the king, although he has a ****ton of health.
posted 06-10-14 08:05 EST (US)     27 / 29  
lol, I haven't been able to complete Carving a Path even with cheats! I did do Final Vengeance using the money cheat to get a ton of catapultsand Trebuchets though.!
posted 06-10-14 08:33 EST (US)     28 / 29  
posted 06-10-14 17:56 EST (US)     29 / 29  
Actually it's from 2004 but the subject is still relevant.

/..Angel Doomsword.\
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