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Stronghold: Game Help & Strategy Discussions
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Topic Subject: Mission 15 and Mission 18
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posted 09-08-04 11:51 EST (US)   
I thought it was time to create this topic. If you want me to add or remove anything just ask. I'd also like if the mod stickied this, please?
Many people arrive at the forum asking for help on the missions. Before posting any new topic on the forum I would like you to try these options for each level:

15: Carving a Path
Our Walktroughts: 1, 2 and 3.
The result of searching for the mission

Please read all the threads on the search results and try it. If it still doesn't help I tell you this: Keep Trying. Even if you take 20 plays to win don't surrender. Plan your way in and maybe start the map and give a look on the enemy so you've got an idea, the restart it to play.

DO NOT use cheats. They may help you but it's the wrong way to do things. You'll regret this later, I assure you.

18: End of the Pig
Our Walktrought
The result of seaching for the mission

I would like to remember in this mission, that unlike mission 15, you do not have a time limit. Have patience and plan your way in, and as always try it as many times as possible. And also: You can kill the Pig without needing to destroy the other troops and you win.

posted 09-08-04 19:28 EST (US)     1 / 29  
stickied. Thank you.

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posted 09-22-04 07:02 EST (US)     2 / 29  
Not a good way to start at Stronghold Heaven.

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posted 08-21-06 08:26 EST (US)     3 / 29  
Im having troble on mission 15 first of all theres only 4 engineers secong of all my guuys are injuered at starting (archers) and 3 I run out of time so quickly
posted 08-21-06 09:44 EST (US)     4 / 29  
Did you try our walk-throughs listed above? If so, what exactly happened?
posted 08-21-06 11:47 EST (US)     5 / 29  
the stratagys are to hard to follow but how come other ppl get 8 engineers and I get 4 ???
posted 08-21-06 12:57 EST (US)     6 / 29  
What difficulty level are you playing on, easy, normal, hard, or very hard?
posted 08-21-06 14:12 EST (US)     7 / 29  
first on normal but now on easy and I diband the ram and theres only 4 and whats the latest version mines 1.2

(no ones responding)...ok did they test this level because it's pissing me off!
nvm beat it by my self

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posted 11-26-06 22:39 EST (US)     8 / 29  
I also face the same problem. when disband the ram only got 4 engineer, i play is the easy mode. and then why some time i disband the ram or catapult there always got some engineer is missing?? why?? is that a bug?? my version now is version 1.0 (2001 version),so i had download the patch 1.2 & install it.when i open the game again, it say "CD ERROR, please insert the correct CD to the CD-rom" wh can it happen?? what happen here?? the map & all the others i had put to others folders.

plz help , thanks.

posted 01-02-07 08:19 EST (US)     9 / 29  
i had trouble wiv mission 18 end of the pig 4 ages i stll havent done it i cheated (sad i know)all u gota do is go to your stronghold maps folder copy mission 18 then it will say [copy of mission 18]
then go 2 the map editor add troops or take away some of the pigs troops etc [make sure u edit copy of mission 18]now when u think ur happy ie the pig has no more pitch 2 keep burning u wiv and u have 100 more macemen [revenge is good i hated this map 4 ages] u go bk 2 stronghold maps folder move the original mission 18 into ur documents or somewhere u wont lose it then go to the fie which says copy of mission 18 and delete the copy of bit so it says mission 18 hope this helped some of u reservoirpo
posted 01-10-07 10:32 EST (US)     10 / 29  
Dare i suggest it, might it not be an idea to alter the walkthrough section so it is actually up to date and doesn't use methodology that was outdated once the v1.2 patch came out?

OK, not so amny of us buying old games like this, but still...

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posted 04-22-08 23:46 EST (US)     11 / 29  
Circling on the map where the different "safe zones" are for taking out the crossbowmen would be the best bit of advice to give. I've found 3 so far but haven't been able to take out everyone. That's the key to this mission.
posted 05-07-08 08:28 EST (US)     12 / 29  
Well, another good one is not so much of a cheat as an exploit. Nalely that if you send your tunnellers in, they do not get shot at. That way you can walk right up to the gatehouse and use them to knock it down. Then onwards to the second gatehouse.

You will have to have them set on Stand ground though, as otherwise they'll turn on the crossbow men once the first gatehouse is knocked down, and hence attract fire.

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posted 06-17-09 13:17 EST (US)     13 / 29  
Im having problems in Very Hard to complete this mission. On Normal you have enough units to start a suicidal frontal siege without problems.

Im the kind of guy who only get satisfied when I beat the game on the hardest difficult.

Im starting to doubt if its really possible to complete this mission on Very Hard for many reasons. You are not only almost outnumbered but you have to deal with the fact that you are the attacker and more than a half of your available units to attack are weak (aka. spearmans and archers).

From my experience, each xbow man on a tower outnumbers you in 3 units of the same type.

From my hundreds different approaches, I managed to breach into the enemy castle loosing only 3 macemans, used fill the moat and half of my xbow and archers, used to clear 3 towers.

The problem starts when I run into the walls. The enemy xbow just quickly annihilate all my units. I can hardly climb on the towers that half of my units are dead.

If only I had one or two shields or change the ram, laddermans and tunnelers for two or three xbow man I think we could have a better chance.

FYI, on my Stronghold 1.2 I start with:

16 Archers
69 Spearmans
18 Macemans
6 Crossbowmen
6 Laddermen
5 Tunnelers
1 Ram

Miss 3 Archers and 4 engineers from the Strategy Guide.

I had to keep going by completing this mission on Hard only.

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posted 12-22-09 09:25 EST (US)     14 / 29  
Excuse me, i can't manage level 18: which is the order of assault ? Which are the tecniques ? Is there a trick to have, for instance, a catapult ?
1) I lose almost all my man before arriving to the wall because of fire arrows;
2) I can't use siege towers because of the "river" around the castle, and when I recover it I almost lose my soldiers !
3) My crossbowman and shortbowman are too far to fire without being killed

Ideas ??????????????????????????????
posted 12-22-09 13:09 EST (US)     15 / 29  
Few tips for #18:

I use a lot of savegames and gamespeed 10.

a) (spearmen go back by south-tower)
All bowmen in front of siegetower, "aggressive".
One little group of macemen("defensive) in front of bowmen,
bowmen shoot down Pig`s macemen. (Save)

b) Bowmen go right on little hill in front of east-tower and shoot downs all enemies on towers, wall and first gatehouse.
"attacke here"-function is helpful.

c) X-bows go east and kill Pig´s archer behind east-tower
2 + 2), then to the cliff eastwards.
Archer kills enemies on tower lefthand the gate and go to the x-bowmen, and siegetower and ram, too.

d) Bowmen go left/west near cliff and distroy mangonel.
Then drive with siegetower near cliff to the moat and take out killing-pits (max. 12), then use battering-ram against killing-pits (max. 6).
Now shoot free this tower, then the last tower in east-wall.

e) Bowmen go near cliff to the moat and attack next tower in middle-wall. One maceman fill in the moat and go back, before enemies kill him.

f) If this tower is free, five or six macemen fill in the moat near cliff to the corner between cliff and wall.
In this time bowmen clear the middle-gatehouse and the next tower.

g) Bowmen go in the corner and shoot down (Duc Truffe
on the keep) -or better: enemies on round-tower.
Siege-tower drive to the wall between middle-tower and middle-wall. Bowmen enter the tower and:
kill Duc Truffe on keep, or
kill all Pig`s archer with braziers and then swarm in with macemen direct on keep.
posted 12-28-09 10:34 EST (US)     16 / 29  
Thank you very much indeed !
I will try it, and then i tell.
But I must say that I usually put my bowmen in the little hill (i hope to have understood which is) but they don't kill almost anyone ! Mah !
Don't let me alone, i will write after trying (I can't play every days, I've got a family !!!)

Great ! I managed to sweep away Pig's bowers and archers from the gateway to all the east walls and towers, but now I haven't understood how to kill manganoel in the west side, and generally the point d).
I stand near the cliff but the manganoel is too far.
And I haven't understood how to pass killing pits and in which side trying to fill the moat and then attack the wall with ram and siege-tower !

I DID IT !!!
I wasn't able to kill enemy archers-bowmen in the west-side, but I put (ONE at time to avoid killing pits, bordering the cliff) my archers-bowmen in the east-side, while some spearmen fill the moat permitting my troops to get closer to the wall. Frome here they swept the second gate and the two towers aside, and also the third tower on the east-side. And they started to kill the Pig ! But it took a lot of time, so i take some ladder, i went in before with all the spearmen (all killed in the inner fire) but when i went in with the macemen almost all of theam reached and killed the Pig.

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posted 03-05-10 13:58 EST (US)     17 / 29  

I am playing the final siege on the pigs castle. i move my archers to the small rock hill formation by the east corner tower and for some reason they shoot to the ground directly in front of them. ive tried to attack the tower every time as a group on one pig archer at a time and only 2 of the 10 arrows go up there. everyone else shoots the ground in front of them.
posted 03-05-10 14:34 EST (US)     18 / 29  
What a weird bug. Do they start shooting at the ground even if you haven't ordered them to?

Have you tried restarting the siege?

Also, if my memory is correct, the best thing to do in that mission is to make a small assault on the eastern corner, ordering all of your spearmen to fill in the moat in the narrowest point. While they're at it, place your archers behind the spearmen, and order them to target the square tower in the eastern corner. Avoid placing your archers in the hill, since they will be targeted from the rest of the pig's towers there.

I'll add some nice images later, if you want

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posted 03-06-10 05:09 EST (US)     19 / 29  
These two sieges are the toughest in the trail.
I will update the SH1 walkthroughs along this year.

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posted 03-09-10 05:35 EST (US)     20 / 29  
If I kill Duc Truffe with bowmen on "middle-east-tower" I less 4 spearmen by the start and 1 archer by the east-cliff.
Score: 25000 points in March 1287.
This is not possible, when macemen going to the keep.

@ bagiggio

Excuse me for the late answer and my poor english.

point c) Archer, X-bowmen, ram, siege-tower and any macemen going east to the cliff.. and now out of this position...

point d) go left/westward near to the east-wall and take out the east-mangonel.

If not, this mangonel will attack the siegetower and so on...

You can ignore the mangonel on the west-wall (or taking out with a group of macemen over the middle wall, before the ram knocking on east-wall...).

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posted 07-31-10 20:07 EST (US)     21 / 29  
I have joined this forum just for a solution to mission 15 I have read every walkthrough that I could find but have been hit with one inevitable archers and cbs get killed if I get to close and they shoot at the ground if they are not close enough to get shot at by the bad guys. I've tried storming the gates with no luck (just get past the second defense and get killed by the knights at the keep) I've also tried tunneling which worked partly but still got killed at the first defense. I know people have stated that their is a way to kill the first tower defenses without injury but I can't find it...plz help.
posted 08-01-10 04:25 EST (US)     22 / 29  
Your few ranged troops will have their chance only when they can shoot from the same height as the enemy, and by arranging superiority situations.

At first, after the sally of the Pig's macemen, I brought all the units to the western side of the castle.

Sent a huge number to fill in the moat, tore some away from from the pitch fire, directed units to fill in at the spot behind the stairs leading to the corner tower.
Tunnelers hitting there.

The clue to save most of your archers and xbows, should be that you send the different groups according to their speed, close combat troops ahead for distracting some hits form the defending shooters. The groups should enter the outer ward almost parallely. Wile the melees overrun the enemy on the outer wall, your shooters climb the big corner tower and start engaging the second line of defenders. Concentrate archer fire on single xbows first.

Proceed to reach as many remaining defenders as possible with your shooters.

Good luck.

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posted 08-01-10 06:36 EST (US)     23 / 29  
For mission 15:
I (LordKarl) have few pics upload in SH-Knights, SH1-forums, "Campaign 15 - Carving a Path".
Pic can say more then words.

P1 - here I use a lot of savegames. Long- and x-bows shut down macemen and enemies on 2 towers.

P2 - position for gatehouse and east-towers.

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posted 01-04-11 19:51 EST (US)     24 / 29  
I just started playing again since I was so disappointed with SHK (even more than Starcraft 2). All these years and I never did get past lvl 15.

Part of the reason I like Stronghold was that I am a natural defender. For whatever reason I seem to have a natural understanding of Def tactics and Economy managing, but almost no attacking ability.

Being like this, most RTS games are pretty much a no go to me as they are so offensively oriented that def is pretty much irrelevant.
posted 01-05-11 14:26 EST (US)     25 / 29  
Well, you could at least finish them on easy, couldn't you? (guessing that your offensive skills are not that bad)

Few tricks I noticed personally, along the time you'll exploit them better and better:

- Missile troops (archers, xbows) covers melee troops against other missiles. Else, your hand-to-hand soldiers will get more damaged. Shields are always an immense help.

- Every different troop has its own defensive health and attacking skill (have you noticed for example, an enemy pikemen would produce a bigger damage to your gate than an enemy spearmen). When you posses different troops, send the ones with bigger health/resistance, then the ones giving more damage. Like, pikemen first then swordsmen.

- Weak troops like spearmen can be sacrificed against enemy traps or pitch.

- Troops have different speed. Send them to the enemy castle clever and the archers will have to deal with more soldiers at once. Slowest first, fastest last. However use the missile troops clever as well; Sacrifice them only as a last choice.

- Every castle has a weak spot. Nothing is perfect. Take your time to discover it. Sometimes, catapults are just not enough to breach the castle so the weak spot can make the difference between your troops being killed by archers and your troops getting quickly on the enemy walls.

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