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Topic Subject:Bonus AIs
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The Ztolk
(id: Ztolk)
posted 10-12-02 15:25 EST (US)         
Three bonus AI's are currently available for download, and I will continue posting updates. You can download them thanks to the nice folks at Sword and Pistol. These AI, as well as four others, are part of the Warchest package. The four Warchest AI are the Wazir, Nizar, Abbot and Marshal.




I had word from FireFly's Darren Thompson about the AIs that are part of the Warchest package. They AIs are not to be distributed outside of the actual package.

So if you want these extra AIs you will just have to order Warchest.

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Duc de Noisiel
posted 10-12-06 18:40 EST (US)     101 / 144       
Ogisha, you have already been informed about those things once. Thread
What are you looking for? Being banned?
You're on the way...
posted 10-19-06 14:35 EST (US)     102 / 144       
Very funny........... Nobody said thet Emir is Warchest AI......... and you say that I'll be banned ... very funny

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posted 10-19-06 16:10 EST (US)     103 / 144       
The ban warning was given, because you were asking for sheat codes, and talk of cheat codes is strictly forbidden here.
posted 10-20-06 11:28 EST (US)     104 / 144       
edited by Sparrow for being a non English post.

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posted 10-20-06 20:12 EST (US)     105 / 144       
Ogisha, the Emir is in the Warchest version and is available only by purchasing it. The breakdown of the 16 available AI's is as follows:

  • The Rat, Snake, Pig, Wolf, Saladin, Caliph, Sultan and Lionheart were included in the original game.
  • Emporer Frederick, King Phillip, Sheriff, Wazir, Emir, Nizar, Marshal and the Abbot were included in the Warchest version.
  • Frederick, Phillip and the Sheriff were released for download free of charge and are available on this site. Use the links in the first post to download.

I also encourage you to read the Code of Conduct so you won't be breaking any of the rules here. One rule is that posts should be in English.

posted 10-21-06 09:07 EST (US)     106 / 144       
Thanks , sorry because I was boring.

I have just heard that Paul Hunter ( snooker player) died.
I am very sorry.............

P.S. Can I order Warchest ? I live in Belgrade(SERBIA)

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Lord Michael I
posted 10-21-06 11:16 EST (US)     107 / 144       
In Amazon?
I suppose you can...

Hasve luck finding warchest!

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posted 10-22-06 08:33 EST (US)     108 / 144       
Thanks a lot , but I think that I'll stop searching for Warchest. I hope it is good but but I am not going to find it... I 'll be happy with those 3 bonus characters.
Lord Robert 2
posted 11-08-06 22:20 EST (US)     109 / 144       
After buying Stronghold and then Crusader years ago, I recently started playing these games again. I am appalled that I am now expected to pay $20 plus to get the few new AI's.

I just can't believe that FireFly won't make all the AI's available to their original supporters. This is one of the main reasons that I have given up buying computer games in the last few years!

At this point I'm absolutely disgusted with PC games!

Sand Blast
posted 12-05-06 18:31 EST (US)     110 / 144       
i would apsolutly delight in having more characters although i probaly woudnt know how to get them even though you guys know how to and are tellin how on the forums.

i'l let my peasents do all my dirty work
posted 02-22-07 12:55 EST (US)     111 / 144       
I can't post an other reply in AI characters so I'm coming here for say goodbye at all.
Tomorow, it's winter's hollidays for me. I'll not have Web where I go during 15 days.
Good time and play at all.

"A bientôt" : goodbye

Inter Spinas Floret
posted 07-05-07 09:30 EST (US)     112 / 144       
Hey Guys Does the Warchest allow you to play Stronghold and Stronghold : Crusader at the same time or do you have to play Crusader or the original game? If this is so are the new 8 characters( The Wazir , The Abott ,The Marshal ect) in the Crusader or the Original game?
posted 07-05-07 09:58 EST (US)     113 / 144       
As far as I know, it is only one or the other.
posted 07-05-07 10:18 EST (US)     114 / 144       
The Sherrif is so funny. When you kill an enemy lord he says, " Great you just killed somebody" and when you ask him for supplies hes like " im the sherrif not father christmas." He is the funniest AI.

King Philip is a fool. His castle sometimes isnt enclosed or is enclosed by motes. He is Obsessed with Knights and spearman and lots of his speach is mixed with ,"oh my knights," " my knight say... NO" and other useless stuff.

Fredrick accent is stupid but he is a good solid player.
He is totaly unlike the REAL Emperor Fredrick.His Castle is awsome and quite hard to siege... at least to me.

Thanks for the reply about the warchest.

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posted 07-06-07 12:17 EST (US)     115 / 144       
Yes. There is much different between the historical Frederich I and the version of him in the game. For starters, Frederich had a flaming read beard from which he got the nickname "Barbarossa". The version of him in the game has dark hair.

The fact that he keeps quoting Friedrich Nietzsche, a philosopher who was not born until centuries after his death, is a little strange as well.
The Joint
posted 07-11-07 05:49 EST (US)     116 / 144       
Ztolk, you forgot to mention Emir
posted 08-01-07 12:21 EST (US)     117 / 144       
Better make some patch where can make bigger maps than 400x400 it wold be AWESOME its only and biggest problem in multiplayer game secion!
posted 08-02-07 16:02 EST (US)     118 / 144       
I havnt downloaded frederick, the sheriff, or phillip but I plan to.

Here's my question are these: Wazir, Emir, Nizar, Marshal and the Abbot

worth buying warchest for ?

Can you guys tell me about these 5 ?
Lord Michael I
posted 08-02-07 16:26 EST (US)     119 / 144       
Answer: heck, yes!
Atleast for me.
Click here for some info about the Wazir. if you scroll down the page the other new AI are listed with some info. Check them all out and see for yourself. The castles they build are included for you to see what they tend to do.

I highly reccomend you to buy it. Also the second crusader trail, by my opinion, is better than the first.

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posted 09-15-07 15:00 EST (US)     120 / 144       
Can players like you and I create custom AI's? Because that would be sweet.

e.g. Robin Hood

It would be pretty awesome.
posted 09-22-07 17:41 EST (US)     121 / 144       
I was thinking right, why can't someone with the warchest pack just go into the files and get the new ai's and maps and put them on here????
Sir Wulf
posted 09-22-07 19:57 EST (US)     122 / 144       
*cough* because that would be piracy and against the rules of the site. Thus would get that person banned. Likewise even suggesting it. So I'd suggest amending your post before a mod sees it....

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posted 09-23-07 02:05 EST (US)     123 / 144       
That's correct! It's a ban for any member who submits those files. The only AIs legal for downloads are the '3 Bonus AIs' mentioned above. To get the other 4, you will have to BUY the 'Warchest Edition'

Please read the Update Above

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posted 09-23-07 05:06 EST (US)     124 / 144       
Ok, sorry. ^_^
posted 09-23-07 07:43 EST (US)     125 / 144       
Hmm its been a while since the release and warchest is becoming hard to find, i wonder if they'll be kind enough to rrelease the rest some day - would make me quite happy

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