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Crusader, Warchest, & Extreme: General Discussion & Help
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Topic Subject:Crusader FAQ
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Eminence Grise
posted 10-29-03 03:21 EST (US)         
Well, we've been doing some excavations in some long lost parts of the site and unearthed the Crusader FAQ Ztolk had been working on months ago.

You can find it here.

If you think any information is missing...please add it to this post?

Thank you kindly.

posted 03-15-08 11:00 EST (US)     76 / 98       
I am making an Invasion map for Crusader, and i have set it to where you have a certain amount of troops, but when i go to playtest the map, half of the troops i set are gone! What's worse is that it only happens for the player's troops, and the enemy troops are not deducted from as to make equal! I think this has something to do with the difficulty setting, but i cannot find any difficulty setting anywhere. Can anybody help me with this?

< This is often how my enemies react....

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posted 03-27-08 18:08 EST (US)     77 / 98       

I'm wondering if someone can help me with fustrating problems with crusader.

On my store bought copy, it installs to about 18% and then I get some kind of an error. On a burned copy, the game can be completely installed but when I get an error that reads "please eject and re-insert CD-ROM, select OK and resart". But when I do it just happens again. If I insert my other copy, it is the same thing.

Please help Thanks / Dzenki
posted 05-04-08 15:55 EST (US)     78 / 98       
Hi,thanks for a nice site like that.

I would like to ask something as usual.

Well,I was playing Crusader Trail 2,Warchest,Patch 1.1,and I saw in some missions,my pitch was not flaming ( triggering ) I even used European Archers if its a bug with Arabian Archers,but it didnt worked again.I can send a save file or a screen shot,but its a bit annoying I lose time on pitch and I dont get any advanteges you know.

Thanks again.

Sorry to bother you.

Have a nice day.

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Sir Hugh
BfME2H/SHH Seraph
posted 05-04-08 22:43 EST (US)     79 / 98       
Did you try placing a brazier of fire near the archers that you selected to target the pitch? Sometimes it is difficult to have them target the pitch if there are troops standing on it (i.e. accidentally having them target enemy troops instead). Also, make sure the pitch is placed within range of their arrows.

Rysiek, if you still check the forums and haven't still fully installed the game, try cleaning your installation disk, especially if you can see any smudges. Rinse the disk in clean water (no soap!), and dry it with a lint free cotton cloth while drying in a circular fashion around the disk (with the lines).

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posted 05-09-08 11:05 EST (US)     80 / 98       
Yes I did try the 'attack here' function,still,it doesnt work.

Need any epic music ? Or any beats to rap on ? Or anykind of music ? Add me,you'll buy the cheapest beats,I guarantee.
posted 07-11-08 23:28 EST (US)     81 / 98       
I am new to this site.

I wanted to add maps to crusader and I follow the instructions:
-I dowloaded winzip.
-downloaded and saved the map where I could find it.
-found the file and attempted to extract it to Crogram file\firefly studios\crusader\maps.
-access denied.
-tried different maps but always same answer.

Any suggestion or advise?
posted 07-12-08 00:55 EST (US)     82 / 98       
Check your user account rights. You might not be able to modify files in the "Program Files" folder.

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WL_D Arthus
Master Illuminator
posted 07-12-08 02:40 EST (US)     83 / 98       
If it turns out you do have admin rights then try extracting the map to the desktop and drag it into the maps folder yourself - that should work

Oh and welcome to SHH, hope to see you around more

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posted 07-16-08 23:31 EST (US)     84 / 98       
Hey guys, I just got Crusader the other day and I'm making an invasion map, but the invaders just stand at the signpost. How can I get them to attack me?
WL_D Alexus
posted 07-17-08 01:20 EST (US)     85 / 98       
Hi Wegrodamus, try out some of these:

1-Do you have a keep placed, and is your lord spawned?

2-Do they have access to your castle, is there any thing like terrain, river, stones stoping them?

3-Have you built your castle as player 1?

4-Make sure the map is a New Custom Scenario map.

5-Perhaps you have not set teh date correctly or have some contitions which prevent the invasion.

If these suggestions dont solve the problem, you can send it over and i'll take a look for you.

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posted 07-17-08 18:59 EST (US)     86 / 98       
The invaders spawn, they just dont do anything. I made a keep (the stronghold) and they can easily attack my walls, its a completely flat map. I could send it to you, but I have no idea how to do that
WL_D Alexus
posted 07-17-08 21:09 EST (US)     87 / 98       
Sometimes the AI, esspecially in crusader are rather idiotic.

Just attach the map to the email, and then send it to me.
You should find the map in the C: Drive/Program Files/Firefly Studios/Stronghold Crusader/Map Folder.

I'll take a look and get back to you.

My email adress is

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posted 07-19-08 01:25 EST (US)     88 / 98       
It's not anywhere in the game folder, i checked the maps, mapsextreme and every other folder
WL_D Alexus
posted 07-19-08 06:02 EST (US)     89 / 98       
Sorry I didn't know you meant Extreme.

Yous should locate it in Documents/Stronghold Crusader/MapsExtreme.

The Extreme editor is designed so that you can create custom skirmish maps, not invasions as there isnt an area to play them in.

If you want to make invasions you would have to use warchest which also comes in the extreme package.

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posted 07-19-08 14:29 EST (US)     90 / 98       
No, I did it in normal Crusader, but I was saying I checked the Extremem maps incase it got in there

Edit: I found it and sent it to you

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WL_D Alexus
posted 07-23-08 12:29 EST (US)     91 / 98       
I have sent you a reply.
posted 07-23-08 13:02 EST (US)     92 / 98       
posted 07-31-08 05:43 EST (US)     93 / 98       
hey, i have been playing crusader for a while but there are a few things that still have me confuzzled.

say, whenever i dowload maps off this website, mainly invasion type maps, when i open the map in scenario editer i see that there are workers, peasants, and so forth working on the map, but whenever i create a scenario, nothing appears, only n "no labour" signs above buildings. How do i make it work, if it doesn't, how do they appear when i open the map in scenario editer.

thanks, bahh
Lord Michael I
posted 07-31-08 11:02 EST (US)     94 / 98       
Well bahh, that is a small editor trick.

First, make your map, make all the buildings, and your keep. After that save the map, and play it.

During gameplay, don't do anything, just wait for peasants to appear, and man the buildings. When all the buildings are manned, and your castle is functional, save the game.

After that, go to your Stronghold Crusader folder, and open the "saves" folder. Look for the save you did earlier, copy it, and paste it in the map folder. Last thing to do is to change the name of the save (You can keep the name, but at the end, erase the .sav extension, and change it to .map)

That's how I remember it was done, somebody else correct me if I'm wrong.

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posted 08-01-08 11:36 EST (US)     95 / 98       
exactly how it's done

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posted 08-06-08 05:13 EST (US)     96 / 98       
that sounds ingenius, thank you for the help, im creating a map that i will everntually upload on this website, sat tuned, for it will be my first map and i would like to improve it in some ways. thanks once again


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posted 10-22-08 18:19 EST (US)     97 / 98       
Lord Michael I,

I followed your instructions on how to put saves in maps. However, when I did do it, and was going to change the name from .sav to .map, I saw in the name that there was no .sav or .map. Can you help me if I had made any mistake as to how to change the save file to a map?
Los Templiero
posted 09-04-09 12:27 EST (US)     98 / 98       
Hi. I'm new here, so...
On Helldemons' problem, the .sav or .map thingy is what is called file extension. I, frankly, haven't explored the game's files, but setting so that the extension shown would do fine. IIRC, the method is (assuming your comp's OS is WinXP, since that's what I have at my home; my friend once asked me for Vista and we succeed, but I forgot how, folks)
-) open the explorer (obviously!)
-)click the tool button
-)click the second tab from left
-)uncheck 'hide extension for known file types'

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