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Topic Subject: Playtesting: Requests
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posted 01-18-08 07:48 EST (US)   

Playtesting: Requests

If you are looking for playtesters, add a post to this thread, stating the title of the map, the style of map, i.e. what does the scenario involve, which game this refers to and a link to the thread you created for it.


The Tower of Ravens
Invasion map for Stronghold: large scripted invasions, pre-built castle, no economic goal requirements.

Please note: anyone volunteering for playtesting and any comments or discussions relating to this should do so in the relevant thread, not in this one. Please use this thread for recording the details of your requests for help.

Once your map has been tested and you are ready to submit it to the downloads section, please edit your post and either add something like Done at the botton of your request, or use strikeout strikeout


The Tower of Ravens

The Tower of Ravens

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posted 03-26-09 14:44 EST (US)     26 / 87  
Heyas, I have an economic scenario that could use testing, if anyone wants it. It's my first stab at an economic map, so I'd love some feedback. It's for SH 1. Thanks!

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posted 03-26-09 16:42 EST (US)     27 / 87  
Damn, had decided to take some time out from playtesting which can be an intense job.

But to resist an SH1 eco mission, I'm not able.
Please let me try it.

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- Walter Benjamin
posted 04-06-09 17:33 EST (US)     28 / 87  
Hey guys! I would love if someone could playtest a map i'm hoping to make into a trilogy. would like to know how fast or slow i should make invasions and if i should add more. Thanks! email me at if you want to playtest or post here. your choice.
posted 04-06-09 18:46 EST (US)     29 / 87  
Da_Newbie, please send me your map
I'm not very good at playtesting maps sometimes, but I will do my best to help you.

(Click my profile to see my email. Should be there )


Perhaps you would like to start a new thread when you're finished?

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posted 04-11-09 22:44 EST (US)     30 / 87  
Hey Peter2008 send over your map for playtesting. Not sure if I was clear enough in the email so I will just say it again here.

Hey everyone, I would really appreciate a review for my SH1 invasion map, Iron Mountains
posted 04-19-09 03:46 EST (US)     31 / 87  
I have a work in progress that needs some playtesting and troop numbers modification. I'll also consider adding in, or significantly modifying, existing events, on appropriate advice, so far as it is in keeping with the original intent. Interested parties (especially experienced players) please contact me at:
-Peasant Revolt
posted 04-19-09 10:27 EST (US)     32 / 87  
Will be interesting. Have sent a mail to you.

Of Honour without Fame,
Of Greatness without Splendour,
Of Dignity without Pay
- Walter Benjamin
posted 04-19-09 21:19 EST (US)     33 / 87  
Note that above playtest request by myself is for stronghold 1.x only, not crusader. Thankfully, nobody's missed out for that yet.
posted 05-01-09 07:42 EST (US)     34 / 87  
Hi everyone,

This is my second time posting a map to this site. I would like to request some playtesters for it first. I hope it works as planned. I've been trying to use the "enemy killed" for a win condition. Please let me know what you think or if there are any problems. My email is I'll send this to anyone who wants to test it.

The map is an invasion called Lithopolis. It is for SH1.

The story

The King's Herald alegedly overheard you slandering the King in the pub last night. The King decides to let you run the Kingdom (after sabatoging your reputation with the local villagers). He then informs you that an army is attacking the village and it's up to you to defend the castle.

Notes: Expect some surprises and move quickly at the start of the game.



EDIT: Here is the minimap and some screenshots:


Screenshot 1

Screenshot 2

Screenshot 3

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posted 05-01-09 13:00 EST (US)     35 / 87  
I'll take a look (in view of the win condition thing :-) I did a bit of work before using troops killed conditions.

Please email it to me (email under profile)
posted 06-10-09 17:47 EST (US)     36 / 87  
Hello everyone,

This is the first time I post a scenario map onto this site. I'm quite unsure about how difficult it is, and if there seem to be any bugs/glitches. Or if some events should be changed, things like that. So I would like to request for some people to playtest this map. I'll send it to anyone wanting to test it, along with the almost-complete story.

If there are problems with the map or the story, or some comments, please mail to me, my email-adress can be looked up in my profile.

The map is an economic-invasion map for Stronghold Crusader (made with version 1.1) called "Ain Ebel Warfare".

Some pieces of the story along with more information on the map can be found here:,3496,0,30

Thanks in advance,


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posted 11-03-09 08:39 EST (US)     37 / 87  
Delete 01

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posted 11-04-09 04:47 EST (US)     38 / 87  
The download has been successful. Now I'm excited to test your new creation. Thanks!

Of Honour without Fame,
Of Greatness without Splendour,
Of Dignity without Pay
- Walter Benjamin
posted 11-12-09 12:11 EST (US)     39 / 87  
delete 02

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posted 12-20-09 23:20 EST (US)     40 / 87  

i'm working on a map that i left months ago. it's an economic scenario and it's a fast one. This map is for crusader. I haven't yet choose the name but for now i called it 'stranded'.

objectives : pop 155, 75% blessed, 100% drunk, 25k gold

note : good thing plays a role here

if you're interested, email me. (email under profile)


posted 01-08-10 17:23 EST (US)     41 / 87  
Hi.I'm interested to give to someone to test my New Project on SHC map : Gaia.It's a multi player map so i want you to test it only in Multi Player.

1v1 Map.You can see more in the thread at SH-SHC Map room.
If you are interested take my

-Lord Lorensoth-

Embrace the absurdity
posted 07-16-10 02:08 EST (US)     42 / 87  
I have a city-based invasion map for playtesting. There are two main waves of invasion: i've tried part of it, and the first can be taken down without player intervention, but destroys relatively significant economic resources and defenses if not dealt with. The second wave is twice the strength in the same time scale, so sitting back is a death wish - i haven't beaten it yet, but i suspect it's possible.

I'm not a strong defensive player. Is this map too easy?

As a bonus, the map was created as a city/landscape eyecandy, so you have a strong economy, lots of defensive structures, historical development features, and a few shiny pretty things.

Please email me for a copy of the map file.

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posted 07-23-10 04:50 EST (US)     43 / 87  
Tried to make a rather straightforward SH1 PYOK eco-invasion scenario for fun & training. Still tricky. Is anybody in the mood for playtesting "Beer please"? Pls e-mail me (profile).

No screenshot here cause I wanna hide an installation. But a short story:

For over two years, you took part in the Crusades.
Now you're travelling homewards, absolved but poor.
During the days hot of fighting and heat, beer always recreated your mood. And on wavering ships, a jug of ale lowered the sense.
With few men, you have already reached a familiar looking region.
Somewhere on the road, you run out of beer. The people want daily rations to survive the hard times they live in.
They refuse to march on. Settle down where you please, send the people to work and find whatever way to supply them with the fine brew. -
However, the Snake and the other lords of these parts are not excited to see you around.

Of Honour without Fame,
Of Greatness without Splendour,
Of Dignity without Pay
- Walter Benjamin

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posted 07-24-10 05:27 EST (US)     44 / 87  
Wow, that's some castle. And noone is home it seems.

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posted 07-25-10 05:47 EST (US)     45 / 87  
No-one is home in the editor, no. I didn't want to blab about how much of the economy is plug-and-play.
posted 07-30-10 21:42 EST (US)     46 / 87  
Im looking for someone to playtest my Native american themed map. It is a eco-vasion with some twists. The basic story is this:

You take on the role of Chief of the Mohawk Tribe, one of the 5 original tribes of the Iroquois Confederacy. A man calling himself "The Great Peace Maker" has come to your village to bring peace to the five tribes. He has instructed you to give a peace offering to the Onondaga Chief, the last of the five tribal chiefs to join the Iroquois confederacy. Be careful, as the Algonquians to the north will do everything in their power to stop the 5 tribes from uniting, Including sending their elite warriors to defeat you.

For more information and Screen Shots, you can look at the main thread,3647,,10

If your interested you can post in that thread or email me at

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My First Map - "The Scottish Regalia"

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posted 12-17-10 07:52 EST (US)     47 / 87  
Hi there,

I've finished the last 2 maps of my campaign(The Shattered Kindom) and now I need a playtester, who can test it in less than a week.

One of the maps is a cede-scenario.


(Peter, just asking: Have you sent the email, containing your comments about the first 3 maps? I still haven't received it.)

Adam the First

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posted 06-18-11 01:26 EST (US)     48 / 87  
Looking for playtesters of Stronhold Crusader Extreme.
Making extreme trail with 20 custom maps. My improved AIVs included.
Trail much harder than original one.

If interested contact:


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posted 06-29-11 06:25 EST (US)     49 / 87  
Greetings Two Die.

Apologies for not replying sooner(thanks for the msn mail).

I'd be more than happy to test your maps for SH1 & SHCE,as i'm taking a break from SHK.


posted 07-25-11 09:44 EST (US)     50 / 87  
Hey Everyone!
Is there anyone to playtest my map "Over Crowding"?
Stronghold Crusader V1.2 Economic
Difficulty: Normal (at least for now)

It's a complex map with six cede events. The main objective of the game play is to handle negative effect of crowding 0f -10. Have you heard or seen this before? Anyone dare to play this exciting map?

Advanced Lord needed.
Playtest in less than a week.

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