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Topic Subject: SH projects in 2015, update on the community, etc.
posted 06-25-15 11:29 EST (US)   
How's everyone doing? Just coming back onto the forums after two years. Would like to hear a bit from you guys.
Anyways, have a few more projects I previously never released and/or finished. Here's one I just uploaded:

I don't have much time these days due to university and other pursuits, so sadly I'll never be able to do much in the way of scripting. I still have a COTW map that I want to finish though, if anyone wants to do a script for it (I suck at scripting), send me a message, we'll work it out.

Oh yeah, and if you see this and you're on Steam, add me. We can, like, totally be friends or something.

posted 06-26-15 08:30 EST (US)     1 / 3  
Hi, this is a great map I see. I will certainly try it. I also have lots of obligations these days, but I do have to make some breaks, and now I know what I can do during one of them - or few of them.

By the way, I am unable to add you on Steam, as I don't have the privilege. This is my profile.
posted 06-26-15 08:45 EST (US)     2 / 3  
Thanks! It's great to see there's still some time for a good ol' game of Stronghold.
BTW, added. Talk sometime
Above map is just a small side-project, a siege, it'll come up in a few days or so, hopefully.

posted 06-26-15 10:39 EST (US)     3 / 3  
Well, now we have enough Stronghold games never to be bored.

Great, and I accepted. Only I won't be able to start a conversation either, that's just another Steam's rule... Maybe I will buy the two DLC's for Crusader 2, and then I would get those privileges, but I'm still not getting it as the game lags to me when I have few more opponents. I hope to upgrade that newer PC of mine soon, and if it works better then - then I would buy those DLC's too.

No worry, as soon as it comes up, it will be tested. It looks really good from the minimap.
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