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Stronghold and Crusader: The Map Room
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Topic Subject: Ravnica II
posted 12-25-16 14:51 EST (US)   
Greetings. A little story. 10 months ago I was playing a stronghold crusader mod called Medieval England, and I have noticed that the mod didn't had that many good maps available. I have downloaded few of them, but I wasn't satisfied with them at all.
One particular map caught my eye, it was called Ravnica. It was just a plain map, with no details at all. Map was made for 6 lords fighting in the area, divided by the river that separated them.
I downloaded the map and just started playing with it in the map editor, just to see if I could add a road. After playing for a bit, I have decided that the map could look better if I added more details beside the road, and after a while I was already making major changes to the map. I moved some lords starting locations, adjusted the resources, and started working on small details like adding specific grass types, trees, boulders, shrubs, and other things.
After working for about a week on it, I decided that I would finish polishing this map and shortly afterwards I finally finished it. I think I run enough tests to make sure that lords such as Sheriff could build their castles properly, without having a gap in their defences.

After I was completely done, one thing remained, how would I upload this map and make it public? I tried to contact the original owner EaglePrince, but I failed.
I submitted the map to stronghold heavens, claiming that original plain map was not mine, and that I made a second version of the map which I improved and polished.
My submission was rejected because I was not original owner of the said map. This really made me upset and I just didn't bother to try anymore, until now.

After 10 months, I was just visiting Medieval England mods website, and I have noticed that elusive EaglePrince made a recent post, so I decided I would try to contact him again.
surprisingly, we managed to get into contact with one another, and after speaking for a while, regarding the map and the fate of it, EaglePrince encouraged me to make this thread regarding our work, and he gave his blessing to publish this map to be public. So now, I would want this map to be published and also I would want peoples opinion on it, I will post every picture and links down bellow.

I apologize for the size of the images and the thread, It seems that I can't add spoilers here.

Summary of the map:

RavnicaII - Six lords who are separated by a long river,
used to live in peace. As their power grew,
so did their jealousy and greed.
Now driven by the lust for blood and lands,
the conflict for the region began!

Ravnica II map.


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posted 12-25-16 15:16 EST (US)     1 / 6  
Hey, guys! I am jumping in just to confirm that I agree with Awerlord to submit this map to Stronghold Heaven, and in fact - it would be really a pity if this map doesn't get submitted and approved here.

Awerlord managed to find some time to make some adjustments to my map (well, it's my moms map, to be honest ), and I have to say that my version of the map compared to his even looks unfinished.

Right now, the new version of the map has been approved, and it can be downloaded from Stronghold Medieval England website, and the old version is going to be removed from there right now. But of course, this map should join the family of almost 1.500 other maps in Stronghold Heaven downloads section, and it should be submitted by Awerlords account because in the end he has put more effort into it than me and my mother.

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posted 12-27-16 16:09 EST (US)     2 / 6  
Looks nice.

There shouldn't be any problem submitting the map to the downloads as long as you claim on description that Eagle gave you permission to edit and repost the map.

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posted 12-27-16 20:50 EST (US)     3 / 6  
Well I stated that I am co creator, and got Eagle's blessing, also I gave link to this thread as well, as a proof.

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posted 01-08-17 02:53 EST (US)     4 / 6  
Yes, looks nice ... and promising: a tasteful design.

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posted 04-28-17 13:50 EST (US)     5 / 6  
... And it is here in the Downloads

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posted 04-29-17 13:12 EST (US)     6 / 6  
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