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Stronghold and Crusader: The Map Room
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Topic Subject: The Butcher's End
posted 08-31-18 08:48 EST (US)   
The Butcher's End campaign
Game: Stronghold v1.41
Difficulty: Medium
Number of maps/missions: 12 - split into 3 ACTS

Story: After a raging war for the kingdom of Britain, most of the 4 lords fell.
But there is one that actually got away even sooner than Wolf. The Pig used his double to mask his escape plan. He fleed to Europe to continue in his raids and it's up to You again, to track him down and finally put end to his cruelty.

You're going to visit Europe during a fictional civil war happening there, trying to find and put end to The Pig. Meet up with old enemies and face a few new ones. You'll help a few marquieses to stop the ongoing corruption, that's spreading thanks to difficult economical situation and dirty plans of others.

Campaign style is very similar to how the original Stronghold played out, the package with playable maps is going to contain a text file filled with mission briefings and dialogs just like during the original. I loved the storytelling and political background that each mission had, it made me feel like during a real conquest and I want to repeat that, even tho unofficialy.

I've got a lot of experience over the years with invasion maps, even tho I am not about a hardcore or challenging designs. I always make maps in a way to be a bit challenging, but mainly fun, and not stressful, so everyone who's into this, has to count with it. My maps tend to be quite forgiving, but sometimes surprising and their design is pretty classical, not many design tricks are going to be used in them so far. Thus they are easy to pick up even for relax or for more casual players.

The list of missions as it goes:
ACT I. - Shores of corruption
1. Arrival
2. Someone's greed
3. Volpe's gold
4. Game of throne
5. Snake's teeth

ACT II. - The den of the wilds
6. Netherlands
7. The Pig's feast
8. Growl of Jackal
9. Eater of worlds

ACT III. - The Butcher
10. Last wish
11. Winner of dinner
12. The Great Slaughter

- each has a preview briefing and after mission briefing. There's also going to be a map in the package, that's going to put all missions into one political context. First mission is going to be done quite soon, nothing hard. But the difficulty will grow slowly just like in the main campaign.

I'm going to put a demo containing two maps and briefing to them out here soon.

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posted 09-16-18 08:24 EST (US)     1 / 2  
A new demo has become available, it contains first two missions, enjoy and post reviews so I know what to work on!
posted 09-30-18 06:01 EST (US)     2 / 2  

Names of some maps were changed, and there are some tweaks to first two missions from demo:

1. Arrival

- reduced number of archers and pikesmen in enemy's keep to ease difficulty slightly

2. Someone's greed

- terrain has been changed drastically to divide upper and lower halves of the map, enemies can now invade from bottom corner as well, so it is not that repetetive to just let your soldiers stand at one place, and shoot enemies as soon as they spawn

Besides from that, I've finished both 3. and 4. mission of the campaign, I just gotta playtest them quite a bit to reach the right difficulty.
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