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Topic Subject:War Custom Maps in Kingmaker Multiplayer
posted 08-27-16 17:22 EST (US)         
I was trying to create a Tower Defense Like Map for Multiplayer. With some Actions triggering Waves of Units along 4 Paths.

But i noticed that Custom War Maps cannot be played on Multiplayer .... because Multiplayer is apparently for Kingmaker only.

Is there a way to create Custom War Maps with Events for Multiplayer (e.g. for Cooperative Play or Tower Defense Scenarios)?


The Archbishop
posted 08-28-16 15:39 EST (US)     1 / 4       
Yeah, no. The best you could do is find that thing that lets you add AI enemies to multiplayer, (whatsitcalled? /me very tired atm), but it's for 1.3.1 and might be flagged by anti virus as malicious, though it is not.

/..Angel Doomsword.\
posted 08-29-16 11:49 EST (US)     2 / 4       
Yeah, it is called Stronghold 2 AI Manager or something like that. Refer to this tread.

You can find a link to download this file in the tread, and you can find a link to a video tutorial how to use it to play against AI lords.

Another great news! Firefly have announced that Stronghold Legends Steam Edition is on it's way, we should see it in the following month, and they also said that we shall also see Stronghold 2 Steam Edition around New Year, or in early 2017. I hope they will give us multiplayer with AI lords, that's something many are asking for.

Indeed, Stronghold 2 is probably the best Stronghold game to play those relaxed games against AI lords, and it would be awesome if we could play it with our friends against AI lords. Of course, you can set the game to be hard as well by giving yourself little gold while trying to fight against several opponents - they can surely give you hell.

The only downside with the AI Manager is that AI lords don't build siege camps, at least that is the case when I host a multiplayer games like this, but I hope Firefly will make multiplayer with AI lords in which they would act just like they would in singleplayer.
posted 08-30-16 15:51 EST (US)     3 / 4       
Thanks guys,

that pretty much answers my question. Sad but its alright.

By the way big Stronghold 2 fan here. Coming from the time where the big Stronghold 2 Clans popped out, like the 4 Horsemen (4H) (where Turtleman took a place in once), the "Army of God" (AoG)... Sacred Knights of Valhalla (SkV) ...etc.

Some of the very best are still playing this game on GameRanger. Small community but loving the game alot, ever since the days the very best strats have been developed.

Its nice to see people still look back to this game, great community here on the forum as well!

EDIT: AI battles are definately something to look forward to use to. For relaxed games they are a nice thing.


[AoG] Archbishop

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posted 08-31-16 01:58 EST (US)     4 / 4       
Glad that we helped.

And glad to meet one of those players from the era we hear a lot today. Too bad I didn't have internet back then, I can see it was pretty exciting.
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