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Legends: Game Help & Strategy
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Topic Subject: Awards System Knowledge Thread
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posted 02-17-07 21:50 EST (US)   
Thought it would be nice to gather some accumulated knowledge together on the new Legends awards added to the game in patch 1.2. Please post any info or questions you have on it here.

Whenever you achieve certain goals during play you receive an award to go in your awards cabinet. The cabinet is located under the Options menu and holds 60 awards. I believe some of these can be earned on any type of map while others are specific to a particular map type.

Below is a severely lightened screen shot to show the silhouettes of all the awards in the cabinet. Numbers are the ones used in the .BIK file name for each award.

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posted 03-01-07 17:07 EST (US)     26 / 94  
thats what i thought too! did you personally defeat all three?
posted 03-01-07 17:39 EST (US)     27 / 94  
There's a file with all the awards fully colored so you can see them better.

Firefly Studios/Stronghold Legends/Interface/Awards

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posted 03-01-07 21:26 EST (US)     28 / 94  
#25 is Grand Dragon Slayer: For defeating 200 dragons over game time. (All time played)

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posted 03-01-07 23:40 EST (US)     29 / 94  
Sir White: Yes, it was a skirmish match free for all, and I killed all three human opponents. I'm still surprised and would like to try again, but it's so hard to find a game where people don't want teams or quit just before they lose. Maybe someone else will have better luck.
200 dragons? Egads. Someone might have a better strategy, but here's a good way to get this one fast:

Go to map editor and make a custom map. Make several estates for a number of Arthur's. Personally build him some food buildings and enough houses to ensure his income. Give each one a lot of statues as well for honor. Build a round table for each one. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY EXTRA ROOM. Give yourself a nice big, easily defended estate. When you then start a game with them all teamed up against you, they can ONLY send Merlin's and dragons (can't do anything else since you didn't give them room to buid a barracks or seige camp). You'll face a lot more dragons this and not have to worry about defending against armies.
Lord Tanthos, it would be great to see them in colour, but your link isn't working for me...could you post the exact address? Thanks.

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posted 03-02-07 00:38 EST (US)     30 / 94  
Well, it's not a URL link. It's under the directory in your computer files.

"_" = go to

_ Firefly Studios _ Stronghold Legends _ Interface

You'll find them all colored under there. The file name is "Awards".

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posted 03-02-07 02:45 EST (US)     31 / 94  
Ah, of course. Thanks.

I notice too that under the "legendstrail" folder there are pictures for *four difficulty* levels! And sure enough, you can see where the space for one would be when you select the trails option in the game. This would no doubt be what award 13 is for. But how do we unlock the fourth trail???

posted 03-02-07 08:39 EST (US)     32 / 94  
I thought this would be useful as an update to see which awards we are still looking for (2 more!)


#2Using Map editor for 10 hours or more

#3 Deathmatch: Win a Deathmatch skirmish (single or multiplayer)

#4 King of the Hill: Win a king of the hill skirmish

#5 Capture The Flag: Win a "Capture the Flag" skirmish in multiplayer

#6 Economic War: Win a "Economic War" in multiplayer

#7 King of Camelot: Complete King Arthur Campaign

#8 Champion of the North: Complete Ice Campaign

#9 Lord of Darkness: Complete Evil Campaign

#10 Valley of Flowers: Complete "Valley of Flowers" Legend Trail

#11 The Long March: Complete "The Long March" Legend Trail

#12 The Road to Hell: Complete "The Road to Hell" Legend Trail

#13 Arthurs Challenge: Awarded for completing all of the quests on the Bonus Legends Trail

#14Skirmish Warlord: Win 50 games against the AI

#15 Multiplayer Warlord: Win 50 multiplayer games

#16 Small Skirmish Streak: Win 2 skirmishes in a row

#17 Large Skirmish Streak: Win 5 skirmishes in a row

#18 Huge skirmish Streak: Win 15 single player skirmishes in a row.

#19 Small Multiplayer Streak: Win 2 multiplayer skirmishes in a row.

#20 Big multiplayer Streak: Win 5 multiplayer streaks in a row.

#21 Huge multiplayer streak: win 15 multiplayer games in a row

#22 AI Destroyer: Kill 3 Enemy AI's in one game

#23 Human Destroyer: Kill 3 Human Lords in one game(3 VS 1)

#24 Dragon Slayer: Awarded for killing 25 dragons during game time

#25 Grand Dragon Slayer: For defeating 200 dragons over game time

#26 Dragon Summoner: Summon 3 dragons in one game

#27 Grand Dragon Summoner: Awarded for creating 15 dragons in a single game

#28 Glory Seeker: Place 30 statues in one game

#29 King Arthur: Own Arthurian units in one game

#30 Dietrich: Own all Ice units in one game

#31 Vlad the Impaler: Own all Evil Units in one game

#32 Melee Hero: Win Skirmish using only Melee units (produce no ranged units)

#33 Ranged Hero: Win skirmish and only produce ranged units

#34 Siegeless: Win Skirmish and produce no siege equipment (includes tower mounted equipment)

#35 The Ultimate Lord: Kill an enemy lord using your lord

#36 Finance King: Awarded for gathering 350,000 gold during one game

#37 Economic King: win a multiplayer or skirmish game while collecting 1000 gold WITHOUT buying or selling anything

#38 Military King: build 1500 military units in one game

#39 Creeper Award: Awarded for converting 150 units during one game

#40 Stealing over 300 estates in your game time

#41 Arthur Dedication: Playing 25 skirmish or multiplayer games as king Arthur.

#42 Ice Dedication: Playing 25 skirmish or multiplayer games as Ice

#43 Evil Dedication: Playing 25 skirmish or multiplayer games as Evil

#44 Drunk's Award: Have peasants drink 300 barrels of ale in one game

#45 Priest's Award: Have priest bless 150 peasants in one game

#46 Feaster's Award: Collect 3000 honour from feast in one game

#47 Greed Award: Collect 15000 gold in taxes in one game

#48 Generosity award: For giving away 15000 gold in bribes over a single game

#49 Granary Filler: Awarded for having 10,000 food in your granary at one time during the game

#50 Defensive Master: Own 40 types of defensive units at one point in the game

#51 Castle Builder: Build 50 castle pieces (Buildings, not including towers or wall pieces)

#52 Ultimate Castle: awarded for building every single structure at one time during a game (every possible option on every category)

#53 The Ultimate Farmer: Owning 60 or more farms at one time

#54The Ultimate Worker: Owning 60 or more workshops at one time

#55 Chivalry Award: Win skirmish and only produce knights

#56Fanboys Award: Win using only one type of unit (not including knights, I used macemen)

#57 Unit Lover: Win skirmish without building any castle pieces (not including walls and towers, but it would be all a waste if you did)

#58Body Count: Killing 50,000 enemy units during game time

#59 Total Destruction: Win a skirmish or multiplayer game while killing at least 500 enemy units but maintaining a 20:1 kill to death ratio


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posted 03-02-07 11:06 EST (US)     33 / 94  
Alright, I figured out number 48.

Generosity award: For giving away 15000 gold in bribes over a single game.

posted 03-02-07 11:18 EST (US)     34 / 94  
Wow...that one sounds painful ^^

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posted 03-02-07 15:00 EST (US)     35 / 94  
i'll just keep updating the post before so we know exactly which we are still looking for! I bet 60 is awarded for getting the other 59!
posted 03-02-07 16:17 EST (US)     36 / 94  
It MIGHT be, but that does seem kinda odd, seeing that a full cupboard is really just as impressive as the huge cup. If you see what I mean.

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posted 03-02-07 17:17 EST (US)     37 / 94  
I just had a thought regarding number 23. As I said, I played a four player game against 3 humans and killed them all, but surprisingly didn't get the expected award. However, even though I killed each of them, it *was* a free for all, rather than them being officially teamed up against me. I bet you have to put three humans on one team in the lobby and then defeat them.

Now...the trick is to find three people willing to do this that won't quit!

posted 03-02-07 18:13 EST (US)     38 / 94  
Lol. I might try it when my three friends come back from Africa. I can kick their butts at SH:L

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posted 03-03-07 06:00 EST (US)     39 / 94  
13 Arthurs Challenge - Awarded for completing all of the quests on the Bonus Legends Trail.
posted 03-03-07 11:03 EST (US)     40 / 94  
Mhmm...that's what I thought.

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posted 03-03-07 23:38 EST (US)     41 / 94  
I said that you can get these in free build a long time ago.

I said that #23 is for winning against three enemy lords. It is, i have it now and its quite a daunting task especially if they are good players because our battle was 6 HOURS LONG and the first lord out died 5 hours in. You should consider getting people you know for this because its all for nothing if they quit right before you slit their throat.

also, if you have trouble with #22 you must have the teams screwed up or something.

How do you get to this bonus Legends Trail.

I think number 60 might be something like win 100 skirmishes in a row. It just looks like one of those trophies.

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posted 03-04-07 00:57 EST (US)     42 / 94  
That or #60 is for winning X multiplayer games in a row. Notice that it is slightly larger, as are the multiplayer streaks compared to the skirmish ones. Possibility.

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posted 03-04-07 06:26 EST (US)     43 / 94  
I've been looking for information on the bonus trail and i think it is only available in a special edition stronghold legends, and not the standard one. Can anyone confirm this? if this is true im not gonna succeed in getting all 60 awards
posted 03-04-07 13:24 EST (US)     44 / 94  
That is correct. The bonus trail is only available with the more expensive version of the game that I was bought as a gift.
posted 03-05-07 22:27 EST (US)     45 / 94  
hey here is number 40 it is for stealing over 300 estates in your game time.
posted 03-05-07 23:11 EST (US)     46 / 94  
haha! I knew it! It's for capturing estates!

Excellent. I'm probably almost there by now.

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posted 03-06-07 05:29 EST (US)     47 / 94  
what do we think #1 is? it looks like some kind of egg timer possibly a total game time award?
posted 03-06-07 10:53 EST (US)     48 / 94  
Yes. Most likely. That or for winning a game that takes so many hours (which is unlikely in my opinion).

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posted 03-06-07 16:38 EST (US)     49 / 94  
just spoke to someone i was playing against and he said one of them (i think 60) is for beating 300 enemies
posted 03-06-07 19:44 EST (US)     50 / 94  
300 enemies in multiplayer or 300 enemies as in AI or 300 enemies of either?

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