posted 03-13-11 16:17 EST (US)   
If somebody has difficulties, here is one way to complete:
- placed warehouse between stone and iron to get them quick
- i placed 5 woodcutters to get wood quickly
- placed 4 apple farms
- placed 3 quarries and ox teathers
This was the initial economy. Now the military bit:
I pulled back the archers from the fronts close to my keep.
I placed armoury and barrack. Then I enclosed the whole area with single wall, no gatehouse. From remaining stone I placed one lookout tower and stairs.
As wood came in, I added 2 more quarries and 8 iron mines. Then through time I added sword and armour makers, about 8-8 workshops.
There were 2 advantages by doing this:
1) I could use pikemen for defence. They are quick on walls pushing ladders and fighting with werewolves.
2) I could sell sword and armour for good money
I didn't have enough honour initially, so pikemen was the only (and good) choice.

But the first 30 mins was tough. Bats and waves of werewolves came. I had to sell off all goods to hire pikemen and archers. Also added engineering towers with harpoons, as many as possible, on the right side. As harpoons are slow to turn, bats still managed to get through, but less and less effectively.

Once I managed to survive, and I had a lots of money by selling armour and sword, I slowly expanded defences to the north, up to the border. I added one more ring of walls, now enclosing the second iron deposit, and a gatehouse to that area. Also built a parallel wall, running north, added ice mirrors there, then any attackers from Maudred had to go through. It was easy from that point. I added more farms and gardens as I had more space, so I started earning honour from pantry too.
Then I sent 20-30 giants to Maudred and then 20 knights, finished him easily.
Then I crossed the land with 40 giants and sent knights in again.