posted 12-15-10 19:01 EST (US)   
After playing the beta I have discovered that the only real way to actually play the game is to spend money and buy 'cards'. The game is much like Evony (which is great) but I am finding that can't actually "play" the game because I'm spending so much time building things. Each quarry or hovel costs more than the previous one and there is a wait time to build each one. It takes FOREVER to increase resources and in order to research, you have to spend your own money after the free points they give you run out. Not to mention that you have to research before you can build each building. I hope that when it is released for PC that the game goes faster (it's a snails' pace right now) and that you can actually play without spending money. Why BUY a game that you have to continue to spend money on to keep up? That will be the biggest downfall. If I want to pay I will go back to Evony where at least I don't have to purchase the game and the game goes by MUCH faster-including building and researching. So far--not impressed.