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Stronghold 2 » Forums » Stronghold and Crusader: Scenario Design and Modding Forum » AIV mods in muliplayer - Does it just not work?
Topic Subject:AIV mods in muliplayer - Does it just not work?
posted 09-06-17 09:21 EST (US)         
I have put custom AIs into my Stronghold Crusader HD Game, on both my laptop and PC. Offline, they work beautifully, but when I play a multiplayer game (between my laptop on PC over TCP/IP connection), they will build castles that are nothing like the AIV villages and often won't even build basic things such as granaries...

Does it just not work? That'd be very sad, because my friend and I are getting bored of the weak AI and wanted to add some cooler stuff into the game to battle against...

Edit: I've noticed that one of the main differences is that the AI will always place 4 stockpiles in a square pattern in multiplayer - Potentially blocking other buildings from being built there. Could that be the issue? o.o I really wish all the netcode did is set up a normal game that just happens to have another player character in it, and do all the calculations on the host's side... It wouldn't have worked back then, but this game is so old it probably would work now.

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posted 09-06-17 15:14 EST (US)     1 / 7       
Hmm, quite interesting. I've been playing with my modified versions of castles, though those castles were just slightly modified in order to improve their economy, which would in the end make fighting against them more challenging. For example, I just added few small gatehouses on Lionheart's huge casles with two layers of wall, so that his workers don't have to move all the way around the castle, as they were very likely to get killed while bringing their goods into the castle.

Do you and your friend both have these edited files on your PC's, and which versions do you have? Have you tried to play on a different map? Maybe even map can be a problem. Have a try with one of the default maps, such as Close Encounter, and few others that came with the game.

Normally even if you (you and your friend) have different files for the castles, the game would use the ones from the host. That's what I have noticed before.
posted 09-06-17 18:31 EST (US)     2 / 7       
We are on the Steam version 1.4 of Stronghold Crusader HD, both using the same aiv files (I've made 110% sure of that).

Some of the castles inserted into the game are extremely tightly designed, with stock piles in line arrangements. In single player, the AI will happily build them that way, but in multiplayer, the AI insists on building in a square pattern, thus blocking other buildings to be built in those places. And this may not be the only multiplayer difference... Well, I might have to give up on this multiplayer dream. It's a shame, because the AI opponents are just so weak and trying to balance it by just giving them gold advantage feels kind of... cheap. Which is why I'm highly interested to know if your slightly upgraded castles are available for download anywhere, maybe they'd still improve me and my friend's experience!

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posted 09-07-17 04:30 EST (US)     3 / 7       
Certainly, they can be downloaded from here. Unfortunately my preview images from Photobucket are no longer displayed in the description, I would need to replace images to another service, but no time for that right now. Anyway, the only two modified castles right here are those two huge castles where he builds one inner layer of tall walls, and one outer layer of small walls. You will notice the difference. My main goal was to make him more efficient, but not make him stronger by change him too much. That is why I wasn't adding any more workshops - the number of workshops and everything else has remained the same.

I did have ideas how to improve some other AI lords, such as Wolf, or Sheriff. Sheriff has inefficient economy with that same issue - workers need to go around entire castle to bring their goods to the stockpile.

Wolf is certainly the one with the most potential, but some of his castles are extremely inefficient, due to being oversized (take that castle that looks like a bone for example). He just needs to spend so much resources into the castle which has so many wall, but which is in the end manned with few soldiers due to having too much towers which are far from each other, and due to his weak economy (fewer workshops, etc.).

Maybe Pig with tower ballistae would be interesting to make as well... That wouldn't change him too much, but he would become more resilient.

I feel that you're having issues either due to the version 1.4, or due to the map. Have you tried to play it on some of those default maps made by Firefly? Or, you could try with an older version of Stronghold.

Try it with different default maps first, and if that doesn't work, send your castles to me, and I could test it. I have two versions of the game installed, 1.2 (non-HD) and 1.4 (HD). Maybe it could even be some error with your castles, though I doubt that... Let me know how do my castles work in the online game.

Also, when it comes to challenges. I like to give them more gold, such as 8.000 gold, or 40.000 gold, and to put myself into a worse position with much less resources, and to leave the AI lords in richer part of the map. I know, it would be perfect if they could handle as well as human players, but it is they simply need more resources in order to develop well, and to function. For example, Wolf needs 6 stone quarries if I'm not mistaken, and so on.

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posted 09-07-17 12:22 EST (US)     4 / 7       
I've tried a lot of the default maps, and I don't have any non-standard maps installed.
I could try to get my hands on a non-Steam copy of Stronghold Crusader, I guess, but currently I don't own one... Also, the maps that I'm using for the Wolf (who is bugged in the way I've described about half the time) are these:

As you can probably see, they are extremely densely designed and I feel like that might be causing the problem somehow

Edit: Hold the freaking phone, the Steam version of Stronghold Crusader HD updated today to a new version (1.4.1E). I'm gonna try if things work on this version!

Edit2: Everything seems to work now!!!

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posted 09-07-17 15:07 EST (US)     5 / 7       
That's great, I'm happy to hear that! And it's great that they are working on these newly introduced issues in order to make the game better, they are not giving us an update, and just leaving it as it is.

Hmm, which makes me wonder... Maybe we should make a thread for a request for them to give us 600x600 maps. That would be awesome if they made it. I realize it is little likely for them to give it to us, but who knows. With something like that they could solve few issues as well actually. One of them being the divided multiplayer community, as some of them still play on 1.1 and 1.2 versions, with the 1.1 being the most frequently used. I mean, let's give something really cool with the new update to motivate everybody to patch their games to the newest version. Right?
posted 11-10-17 13:35 EST (US)     6 / 7       
Hey there,

regarding (modified) AIVs and multiplayer, I've also had troubles with that in the past.

Now I am not entirely sure whether all of those steps below are strictly required, but I recommend the following:

1. Make sure all players have the same AIV files for all relevant AI characters (i.e. those used in the game) stored in their local installation folders (usually something like Program Files/Firefly Studios/Stronghold Crusader/aiv for non-steam versions, for steam versions... uh, somewhere else, guess you gonna be able to find it on your own though).
2. Make sure for relevant AI characters to have 8 AIV files. If you want to play with only 1 custom aiv, just copy-paste and rename it to all 1-8 "slots".
3. Make sure all players did run/restart their game once after changing the AIV files, before joining/starting the multiplayer game.

With those steps done, I was able to use custom AIVs in multiplayer games with some friends.


When the AIVs differ or are not refreshed by the game internally yet, then the same thing happens as would happen in singleplayer with no AIV file stored at all: The AI will simply not build a castle.
Depending on some unknown factors (let's just call it "random"), it might still place some single buildings, including - possibly but not always - stockpiles, granary, weaponry, trading post, mercenary post, barracks, engineers guild, tunnelers guild, houses, which are usually part of a castle, as well as some non-castle-related buildings such as farms or quarries.
The arrangement of those buildings will be relatively random and not related to any particular castle design, and can vary from game to game, and none of them is guaranteed to be built at all.

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posted 11-10-17 16:28 EST (US)     7 / 7       
That's quite interesting, whenever I tried to play it with different AI lords, I think I had no problems, and that the game used those castles that were stored at host's PC. But maybe I'm wrong... Maybe I just don't remember it well.

On the other hand, maybe I've never had any problems simply because I have only few castles edited. For example, I've edited only two Lionheart's castles, so whenever I would play with a friend, and with Lionheart, Lionheart would build one of his other six castles, and not have a problem at all. Now when I think about it, I think that's the case.

Thanks for sharing this information with the rest of us.

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