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Topic Subject: Playtesting Requests
posted 10-24-14 04:45 EST (US)   
Playtesting Requests

If you are looking for playtesters for a scenario you are developing, add a post to this thread, stating the title and a couple of details about your map. If you have already posted a thread designated entirely for the project you can also link to it.

Please note: anyone volunteering for playtesting and any comments or discussions relating to this should do so in the relevant thread, not in this one. Please use this thread for recording the details of your requests for help.

Once your map has been tested and you are ready to submit it to the downloads section, please edit your post and either add something like Done at the bottom of your request, or use strikeout strikeout

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posted 03-03-15 00:11 EST (US)     1 / 2  
How would I go about uploading a map for testing?

Is there a way to upload or do I need to link?

Thanx, Jim
posted 03-03-15 05:29 EST (US)     2 / 2  
We just trade by email. If someone is interested they will give you an email address or it will already be in their profile. Go to the SHC2 Map Room and start a topic about your map. Give an overview of your map with maybe an image or two and ask for playtesters there also and maybe you will find an interested party.

/..Angel Doomsword.\

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