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Topic Subject: Strongholders - Where are you?
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posted 08-25-05 13:41 EST (US)   
An invasion map not to download... Where is your keep?

You may put your name on the location where you live...

Here are the Strongholders

Use the zoom tool to the upper left of the screen to point out the accurate location.

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posted 09-11-06 11:38 EST (US)     101 / 162  
Placed myself - Oswaldtwistle Lancs UK. I am used to browsing Google Earth so zoomed in real close before marking. I havent posted on these boards for a very long time- nice to see so many of you still here - and many promoted too!
posted 10-28-06 19:02 EST (US)     102 / 162  
Placed mine. Woohoo! Florida!
posted 12-12-06 09:17 EST (US)     103 / 162  
added myself
posted 12-18-06 15:28 EST (US)     104 / 162  
Hooraay, added myself,
Blankenberge, Flanders, Belgium!
East of Ostend and nabur to Bruges

-We Cannot Escape History-
posted 12-18-06 16:54 EST (US)     105 / 162  
Yo ho!! The "Plains in the Middle of Nowhere" stronghold on the map! (BTW, the stronghold is a Wooden Keep. )
posted 03-16-07 17:03 EST (US)     106 / 162  
Placed myself!

Tyler Texas USA!

posted 05-01-07 12:32 EST (US)     107 / 162  
I've added mine, Paris Texas Hello to everyone else!

Lady Trina of the Rose
"We pledge fairness to all, to defend the
weak, and vanquish the evil."

-Arthur King Knights of Justice
posted 05-30-07 13:30 EST (US)     108 / 162  
k younghappy zoom in on the skull in australia that is about 2 minutes from my place (cant get my place as pic is too blurry but i live in kurunjang its just left of the skull icon) as you can see nothing but dirt lol

And yes you do seem to live in the middle of nowhere but its green and beautiful

Work in progress
The Ourea 3
Fallen Angel

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
Author: Thomas Paine

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posted 06-18-07 05:38 EST (US)     109 / 162  
Wows I just found out they updated the part of the map where I am located, you can now see my house , funny but scary..., and I found out my marker has drifted off course with the winds and landed about 300 metres (900-1000 ft) in the wrong way

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posted 06-18-07 07:58 EST (US)     110 / 162  
Thought it was about time I placed myself, or at least where I will be living if my relocation plans come to fruition! Deene, Northamptonshire: very nice little stone cottage
posted 06-18-07 08:54 EST (US)     111 / 162  
Ah sulis you appear to be living in a tree!

_Έ,.„••°¨‡¨°••„.,Έ//Yay for flash games: Kongregate!\\Έ,.„••°¨‡¨°••„.,Έ_
posted 06-20-07 02:55 EST (US)     112 / 162  
So I do!! Well, it's the second house along from the big Horse Chestnut i'm currently residing in!
posted 06-22-07 15:38 EST (US)     113 / 162  
I've placed myself
posted 07-07-07 23:18 EST (US)     114 / 162  
Well I'm in there somewhere now D: Bet you can't find me

The patiently impatient one.
posted 07-25-07 08:08 EST (US)     115 / 162  
I am sure that most of you have no Idea who I am. But to all of the players of the past from the early days ... Here is a Big "HELLO". It has been quite a while since I checked this site or even played Stronghold .As to the Website …? Oh has it changed . It is Huge..!! Took me a while to locate a section that pertains to the original Stronghold . As to my absence I battled a few medical problems and I became very busy re-evaluating my life and I also ventured into other games. I am amazed that my old maps I uploaded are still around and that they still get hits ( Downloads) . It took me a while but I located the disc and reloaded Stronghold . Oh how it is nice to get back to basics… The ability to play a game without all the stress or complication of the new games that have been released. Well just wanted to say Hi…

Peace………….. VONNER
posted 07-25-07 08:40 EST (US)     116 / 162  
wow one of the old members from the very hectic 2003 era

You wont find Jayhawk or gillb around but the new staff are just as good.
Welcome back mate, happy to hear youve sorted out whatever problems you faced

Work in progress
The Ourea 3
Fallen Angel

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
Author: Thomas Paine
posted 07-26-07 09:29 EST (US)     117 / 162  
Present & accounted for!
posted 07-26-07 18:20 EST (US)     118 / 162  
I got blown way off course in the spokane area update. I dunno where the heck my original marker went, but now it's nowhere near my house. I must fix that...

EDIT: I found myself! I'm sitting on a tree on the west side, about 20 miles from my house. What I'm doing there I don't know.
I put myself back where I belong now. (Stupid satellite)

Oh, and either the zoom level is pretty bad, or ericgolf and Younghappy seem to be camping in the middle of fields.

Alba an Aigh

Canada, eh!?

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posted 01-13-08 21:18 EST (US)     119 / 162  
Hey antithesis we're both in the maritimes, my marker is not exactly on my house but someplace nearby.Cool to see so many people in germany and other such places too.
posted 02-05-08 15:58 EST (US)     120 / 162  
Finally I joined you guys, the one and only from Lithuania

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Everything takes longer than you think. │
Smile... tomorrow will be worse.
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posted 02-06-08 15:33 EST (US)     121 / 162  
Well I'm in there somewhere now D: Bet you can't find me
I found you

He who hesitates is.... er....
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posted 04-02-08 11:57 EST (US)     122 / 162  
Hello SHH peeps!

I haven't been here for a while but I found this thread and couldn't resist adding myself; look to the south of England ... apparently I live on my roof.
posted 04-02-08 14:22 EST (US)     123 / 162  
being wet and freezing my ass of in that bloody holland, that is that little country next to the netherlands

he you... ya you two maceman go and kill that lord..... what there is a big hunking wall around him? argh you fools! just chop it down with your mace, should work

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posted 04-02-08 21:25 EST (US)     124 / 162  
It wasn't like that when I visited the Netherlands or Belgium.

It's nice to see you come around, brave sir robyn.

I've updated my marker to my new home.

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posted 05-01-08 04:22 EST (US)     125 / 162  
just posted my location to this map, greeting from Finland
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