Stronghold: Lord of the Rings Mod Pack


Lord of the Rings Map Pack for Stronghold, better known as Stronghold: LOTR is a Mod for Firefly Studios Stronghold. Utilizing a Modloader, Stronghold: LOTR can be activated and deactivated without permanently modifying the existing Stronghold installation. Drawing on the 65,000 years of Tolkien Mythology, Stronghold: LOTR contains the largest and finest collection of Tolkien maps for Stronghold. The maps are based on descriptions of events and places not only in Lord of the Rings, but also Tolkien’s other works: Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales, Lost Tales, Lays of Beleriand, Lost Road, History of Middle Earth. In addition to bringing to life the epic tales Tolkien’s works through maps, Stronghold: LOTR also show cases the rich and deep world of the expression of Tolkien inspired art.

Within Stronghold: LOTR there are two difficulty levels for each for each of the 31 scenarios. The first series is the original series as envisioned by the team. Though difficult, this series is beatable and intended for experienced players. The second series is the easy series. The easy series present the same scenarios as the original series, but at reduced difficulty level intended for moderately skilled players.

Check out the Trailer (5.4MB – Windows Media Player 9) at HeavenGames or Fileplanet

Screenshots can be found in the Stronghold:LOTR Album

Read the Stronghold: LOTR Manual (Requires Acrobat Reader) – HeavenGames

Download Stronghold: LOTR (155MB)

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Stronghold: LOTR requires Stronghold v1.2. Otherwise, Stronghold: Lord of the Rings will often crash. Please note that many Stronghold CD’s come prepatched to v1.2. Applying v1.2 patch will often cause prepatched CDs to not be recognized by Stronghold. To determine if the patching is necessary use the Stronghold Heaven Patch Guide. If this guide indicates usage of the v1.2 patch, then download the v1.2 patch from the following sites:
MegaGames * FilePlanet * Gamespot * Gameswelt

Download version 1.2 Stronghold Patch