Stronghold & Crusader Design Contest

These are the results of the Stronghold & Crusader Design Contest held in April 2003

Stronghold & Crusader: Home and Away

‘For nearly two hundred years Europe was involved in a war far from home, a war to liberate the Holy Land from the infidel scourge. By the thousands people departed their homes in green Europe to travel east to the tans of the Levant.

Wars raged for centuries, wars in Europe and wars in the Holy Land.’

Welcome to the Stronghold & Crusader Design competition! What we ask of you is to create a map representing the time of the Crusaders. Recreate Crac du Chevaliers in Syria, or create a scenario based on Richard the Lionheart’s involuntary stay at Trifels. Let your imagination run wild, as long as you can link the story to the Crusades, either at home…or abroad.

We have decided on a general theme to give you some ideas, something that is fitting to both games. If you have any questions pertaining to this competition, please feel free to use this thread, and we will be happy to give advice.

Listed below are the rules and regulations. Please take time to read them through to ensure you have a valid entry.

-There will be 3 categories for both games. Best eye candy map, best military and best economic. You may enter one map for Stronghold and one map for Crusader, a maximum therefore of two entries. Alternatively, one map from either game. The choice is up to you.

-Eye candy maps are to show off both your landscaping skills and castle buildings.

-Military maps for Stronghold are siege and invasion scenarios. For Crusader, skirmish and invasion scenarios apply.

-You may include economic goals in the invasion scenarios if you wish.

-Be sure to include a story within your submission, or at least something to link the work you have done to the theme idea.

-The entries for this competition must be new maps, i.e. not those already submitted to the downloads section. Older maps that you may have, but not available here, are valid.

-No entries must be submitted for download until after the competition closes and the results have been announced. After this point, you may submit any maps in the normal manner.

-The judges for this competition will be Sulis, Jayhawk and Wraith (Stronghold only), along with some support from GillB. All judges’ decisions are final.

-You have 9 weeks to complete your map designs and submit entries. Therefore the deadline for submissions is 13th June 2003, 11pm EST.

-Please send all completed maps to Sulis Remember too that no judging will commence until after the deadline. Please be patient whilst we play and review all entries, we will naturally endeavour to provide results as soon as possible.

Now that the boring stuff is over and done with, here’s hoping we have as many entries as possible! Remember, above all else, this competition is about having a bit of fun! Whether you are a winner or not, the taking part is more important 😉

Best of luck to all,

The Judges 🙂

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