The Historical Castle Competition

These are the results of the The Historical Castle Competition held in December 2003 through to January 2004

Stronghold Heaven is proud to present the Historical Castle competition. We are asking all you designers out there to put on your thinking caps, dust off your keyboards and get down to designing yourself a castle.

Using the original Stronghold, so no Stronghold: Crusader submissions please, we’d like you to design a Stronghold version of a castle from the annals of history. Your entry should be as close to your chosen castle as possible, but can be of any of the available mission types. We’d like you to base any scenario details on historical events, but we’re open to some creative ‘What if?’ scenarios as well.

For the winners we can offer a HG t-shirt and every one will get a spot on the Hall of Fame. Depending on the circumstances, your entry may also feature in a future issue of Castle of the Week.

So what exactly are we asking you to do?

  • The map and castle should be based, as accurately as possible, on a real historical castle.
  • The scenario should be based on a historical event involving that castle, or on a feasible What if?
  • A link to a site with information about the Real Castle™ should be provided so we can check the castle’s accuracy or, if not available, enough information for us to check out the historicity of it.

Other rules and notes:

  • The closing date for entries is 31st January 2004.
  • All scenario categories can be used.
  • We will only accept scenarios that have not been uploaded before, but you can submit a scenario based on a castle already featured on Stronghold Heaven.
  • Entries will be judged by the SH Staff on accuracy, historical merit and (of course) playability.

Good luck!
The Stronghold Heaven Staff

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The Winning Entry: Arundel Castle
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