The Runners Up

These are the other entries, listed alphabetically, which just missed becoming the overal winner of the contest.

Beaumaris Castle
by Emperor Alexus

My map was based on the Beaumaris Castle and is a “what if ” meaning it gives you a chance to take the castle which, of course, never happened in history, so here is your chance.

Assemble your men and fight your way through the huge gates of Beaumaris castle and to the keep where the King waits nervously to see what his future holds.

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Castillo de San Marcos (Invasion)
by Bismuth

You are Don Manuel de Montiano, Spanish Governor of Florida, and commander the Castillo de San Marcos at St. Augustine.

As you stand on the terreplein of the Castillo, a messenger comes running with news that English ships have anchored in the south channel and troops are putting ashore on Anastasia Island with siege equipment. The battle is about to begin!

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Alamut (Siege)
by Mahric

“The Old Man of the Mountain dwelled in a most noble valley shut in between two very high mountains where he had made the largest garden and the most beautiful that was ever seen in this world … and into this garden entered no man except only those base men of evil life whom he wished to make Assassins.”
Marco Polo: Travels in Asia (edited)

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Beaumaris Castle
by Rocky

During 1283 Longshanks (Edward I) had designs on the best castle in the land. After employing ‘Master James of St George’ for archetectrial services the castle was complete in 1330. This task has taken far to long and you sire have fallen out of favour with Longshanks. Dissapointed with your performance and upset with you prioritising…. stables indeed!, he has insisted that you be cut off from all trade untill you learn your lesson.

You have a task! redeem yourself with a large consignment of goods, ‘black gold’ (pitch) is in short supply and you are required to supply a large quantity, plus other goods to clear your name and trade again.

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Corfe Castle (Invasion)
by Shoemaker

The scenery was magnificent from here atop the castle. Looking down upon the natural hills that the castle rested almost made the castle natural and merge with it. Walter de Tranchant could feel nothing more than relief and new given drive at the dominance of his King. For the past several years he’d been shoved around by the bickering lords in the council. Absolutely useless fools! At least now the kingdom could be restored again.

Ah… the smell of the high lofty air, the smell? Of cinder and ash! Twisting about to find the blacking timber he saw its source, by the Armoury! “Fire! Fire by the Armoury!” A torch lay within the open doorway leaving half of the armoury alight before the words were spoken, and quickly worsening. “By all that’s worthy! Save the armoury at all costs! Water!!!”

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