The Winner: Arundel Castle

Arundel Castle – 1302
by Duke of York and Brave Sir Robin


Edmund Fitzalan, 2nd Earl of Arundel (your father) was falsely accused of treason and rebellion against King Edward II. He was beheaded without a trial and the castle passed to the Earl of Kent (the Snake). As fate would have it, the truth was revealed and your father was exhonorated. The King has ordered the execution of the snake and has commissioned you (Richard Fitzalan) to lead a force to reclaim your birthright as 3rd Earl of Arundel. The Snake doesn’t intend to surrender without a fight. Even if you succeed in reclaiming the castle, he will defiantly oppose you until the king’s justice is pronounced upon his wicked body.

The King has granted you the right to hold fairs in order to collect the revenue and materials required of you as payment for granting you this opportunity. You have thirty years to reclaim the caslte and achieve his majesty’s objectives. Be prepared, your enemy isnt called “The Snake” for nothing!

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