The Arundel Speed Contest

These are the results of the The Arundel Speed Contest held from March 15 to April 15, 2004

As promised here are the details for the current Stronghold Contest.

You will probbaly recognise this map.

If not, shame on you!

Our good friend Duke of York created this map for the Historical Castle Contest, and it turned out to be the perfect map for a little Speed contest.

So what are we expecting of you?
First you’ll have to download this splendid map which you can find here. Then you will have to play it and
You will have to do so in the fastest time you can manage, and the fastest time will win.

Should we get equal times we will use the following additional criteria to decide on a winner.

  • Amount of gold acquired
  • Number of soldiers surviving

You have until April 15th to sumbit the save game, zipped, to GillB. We are only going to consider your first entry as a valid entry so be careful as to when you submit.

Good luck!

Late Breaking News!
We are assuming you play the game at Normal Difficulty.

¹ with thanks to Earl Listibald for this lovely composite screenshot.

Sadly this contest turned out to be a little too hard, and we ended up with only a single entry. However, it was a most impressive entry.
Sparrow, who literally spent hours and hours perfecting his score managed to finish the game in an astounding time of just over four years. Our friend the Duke of York was mightily impressed.

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