2nd Stronghold Historical Castle Competition

The 2nd Stronghold Historical Castle Competition ran from September 25 to November 30, 2005. The entrants selected one of seven castles, and worked to recreate it as faithfully as possible. Seven entries were received, five for Stronghold and two for Crusader. Judging the contest were Sparrow, Stratego, and Duke of York. Thank you to the judges, and congratulations to the winners!

The Winning Entries:

1st Place – Conwy Castle by Andy Baz
2nd Place – Carreg Cennen Castle by Warlord Designs
3rd Place – Harlech Castle by Jack of All Trades

The Original Thread
Contest Minimaps

The Original Rules

As designing a historical castle was the most requested contest idea in The Jousting Ground, Stronghold 2 Heaven is proud to present the 2nd Historical Castle Competition.
Unlike previous contests, entries in this contest may be submitted from the original Stronghold, Stronghold Crusader, or Stronghold 2 games. If sufficient entries are submitted from each game, then we may decide to have a winner for each.

We have selected 7 castles for you to choose from (including 3 Crusader castles), and to get you started have found some historical information and floor plans on each of them.

• Carreg Cennon in Wales
• Warkworth in England
• Harlech in Wales
• Conwy in Wales

Crusader castles:

• Margat (Marqab) in Syria
• Krak de Chevaliers in Syria
• Mamure Kalesi in Turkey

Your entry should be as close to your chosen castle as possible, but can be of any of the available mission types. We’d like you to base any scenario details on historical events, but we’re open to some creative ‘What if?’ scenarios as well.

So what exactly are we asking you to do?

  • The map and castle should be based, as accurately as possible, on one of the 7 historical castles listed above.
  • The scenario should be based on a historical event involving that castle, or on a feasible What if?

Other rules and notes:

  • The closing date for entries is 30th November 2005.
  • All scenario categories can be used.
  • We will only accept scenarios that have not been uploaded before, but you can submit a scenario based on a castle already featured on Stronghold Heaven.
  • Entries will be judged by the SH Staff on accuracy, historical merit and (of course) playability.

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